All Press Releases for October 16, 2009

Internet Marketing Leader to launch 13 week pilot with Internet Talk Radio show Voice America

America is desperate for a leader to show them a new path to financial wealth creation and a secure future and has taken on that challenge in launching a 13 week radio show with internet talk radio

    OGDEN, UT, October 16, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- "Internet Marketing Leader to launch 13 week pilot with Internet Talk Radio Show Voice America"

The air waves were buzzing today with people all over anticipating the release from Internet Marketing Leader with their 13 week pilot radio show to empower and awaken America back to Free Enterprise.
In the midst of the largest transformation of wealth going on in internet marketing and home based businesses springing up all over with the collapse of our job market and exponential unemployment rate, is positioned to coach and mentor all walks of life on the dying society of JOB (J.ust O.ver B.roke) seekers and help them realize their potential in the internet world of wealth creation in Free Enterprise networks.

As Scott Lifer, Founder and CEO of points out, "if people continue to rely on their boss and the corporate trap to make their dreams come true it will be a rude awakening and continued humiliation in times ahead". History has proven over and over that our debt based society and monetary policies are NOT going to provide the security, prosperity and financial freedoms that Americans are so desperate to find in today's tumultuous financial markets.

In this pilot series on the largest internet talk radio in these two powerful and influential partners will hook up to educate all of us with issues of money being created out of thin air, debt based money crooks and cartels, fallacies within our job markets and the perils of relying on that model, internet marketing and home based businesses as the ONLY secure ways to ensure your future.

Scott goes on to say, "we are in the midst of the most impactful paradigmatic shift in our socioeconomic lives since the Great Depression and if we do not follow the new path to freedom which is on the internet and using the power in leverage, there will be many who are caught up in the unenviable place of despair of the unemployed and unappreciated for some time to come".

Join the enlightened and empowered in helping others to create their own reality. YOU will NOT need a boss after this education. and are a financial coaching and online marketing companies.

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