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Intertorco Group Announce That They Have Joined Forces with Tesla Energy Solution and Ground Zero Holding's to Research, Educate, Develop & Manufacture Energy Technology

To Research, Educate, Develop & Manufacture Energy Technology throughout the globe.

    MADRID, SPAIN, December 14, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Intertorco Group are happy to announce that they have joined forces with Tesla Energy Solution and Ground Zero Holding's to research, educate, develop & Manufacture energy technology to use in country development and improvement across the globe.

Tesla Energy Solution and Ground Zero Holdings, pride themselves on staying at the very forefront of renewable energy technology, continually researching new and emerging technologies and trends to help support their partners and clients. Having followed the progress of Intertorco Group for some time Tesla Energy Solution and Ground Zero Holdings realised that the strongest exponent of this new concept and emerging technology was the one company most closely associated with Mr Arif Esa Intertorco Europe S.A.

Tesla Energy Solution and Ground Zero Holdings have formed a strong strategic association with Intertorco Group, three like-minded organisations looking to the future, to the challenges and to the potential answers for the questions not asked yet.

Intertorco Europe S.A., Tesla Energy Solution and Ground Zero Holdings are very pleased to be the working jointly together, to help research and develop new Energy technology and implement them into existing and new contracts awarded by several African nation and other part of the globe.

Intertorco Group - Mr Arif Esa - President MENA & ASIA

Intertorco Group is a global private Equity Firm that invests in private equity, private debt, private infrastructure, companies, projects, resources, and renewable sectors globally. The firm manages a broad range of investment programs for Institutional Investors such as family offices, endowments, funds of funds, ultra high net worth investors, and Large companies who wants direct exposure to private markets assets.. The firm's deep sector expertise and internal technical capabilities allow Intertorco Group to engineer creative solutions for our partners across the globe. Intertorco Group not only helps private offices but also help country infrastructure and provide government funding and Government Financial consultations to help grow, change, improve and manage their financial needs.

Tesla Energy Solution - Mr Martin Cressey - CEO

Tesla Energy Solutions was initially established as a supplier of ALL renewable energy products and solutions. Primarily areas of operation are in regions such as Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Hungary, Poland and Albania working to a sovereign level
Recently Martin has diversified part of the company into a more Humanitarian and educational concern.

Ground Zero Holdings - Dr Vivek Nair - CEO

Dr.Vivek Nair received his joint doctorate from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore(Rank 2 for best Material Science Schools in World) & Loughborough University, UK in "Energy Storage Materials". He is the inventor of couple of patents and has authored many peer-reviewed publications in the fields of carbon capture and utilization, municipal solid waste upscaling and new materials for energy storage systems. He has two successful spin-offs(Salus Nanotechnology & Karboneum) in Singapore and multiple patents to his name during his PhD. He worked as a project officer at 'Energy Research Institute at NTU' in Singapore, where he has developed multiple energy efficiency technologies using IOT which resulted into multiple spin-offs(Printed Power & Commsens) in Singapore. As a Senior Research Associate at Energy Lancaster, Lancaster University, UK, he is working on large scale grid based energy storage technologies, new materials' development and renewable systems.

One of the notable technologies that Vivek worked on developing for several years was a process to convert "carbon emissions into carbon nanotubes" (a material stronger than steel). His discovery led him to start a company "Clean Carbon Technologies" in South Africa focused on automating this process and turning carbon emission into a useable resource for many applications.

Vivek was named one of the today's disruptors and tomorrow's brightest stars by Forbes "30 under 30" list for the year 2012 & MIT Technology Review outstanding innovators under 35, for the year 2012. He was listed as "Indians of Tomorrow" by India Today in 2013. He has also received the National award for meritorious invention from NRDC, Gov. of India and IES' "Most Prestigious Engineering Achievement Award" in Singapore. Vivek has also been named by Tehelka as "Tipping point - Architects of the Future", 2012. He was also the winner of Ashoka/Staples Social Youth Entrepreneur award. In addition, he is an invited speaker and fellow at many internal forums and has motivated many students on the path to Tech-Entrepreneurship with his talks.

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