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Le Tigre Enterprises Reveals Music is an Important Competitive Tool for Business Owners

Le Tigre Enterprises in Cork have harnessed the power of music to increase business, improve performance and productivity, reduce stress, and have more fun.

    CORK, IRELAND, November 10, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Music has long been used and shown to play an important role in the success of retail stores, restaurants, and businesses. Le Tigre Enterprises believes that the right music can have a positive impact on purchasing decisions, customer moods, store ambience, brand image, and workplace well-being. Swedish Marketing Firm Heartbeats International conducted a research study last year to gauge the importance of music in shops, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, transportation services, sports stadiums, gyms, and workplaces. Le Tigre Enterprises reveals that the study found that music plays an important role in the workplace. The results of the study revealed that playing the right music in your business makes customers stay longer, that music played in your business affects customers' opinion of your brand, and music enhances well-being amongst employees in workplaces. Le Tigre Enterprises, an outsourced sales and marketing company located in Cork, is utilising this information to improve their business by incorporating music into the daily routine.

Ronan O'Connor, Managing Director of Le Tigre Enterprises, says "Everyone knows the powerful effect that music can have on your mood and general well-being. I find that a great up-beat tune really gets your blood pumping, increases your energy levels, makes you feel great, and gets you energised for the day. Since introducing music into the daily routine at Le Tigre Enterprises I have tripled my personal productivity and have a lot more fun at work." Le Tigre Enterprises reveal that research also confirms that music has the power to enhance some kinds of higher brain function, such as memory performance, emotional intelligence, mathematical abilities, and reading and literacy skills. A report in the Journal of Neuroscience of Behaviour and Physiology found that music helps people to reduce stress, work more productively, and that listening to up-beat music is a great way to find extra energy, fight fatigue, and perform better at work.

After reviewing the research Le Tigre Enterprises believes that music is essential to creating a healthy work environment. Ronan O'Connor says, "Not only does music increase your own performance; it's also a great stress release and plays an important role in workplace morale. I believe that music is a great way for everyone to enjoy what they're doing and have fun while they work." By harnessing the power of music Le Tigre Enterprises has been able to gain the competitive edge in their business. As a result of playing up-beat music Le Tigre Enterprises has increased their business, improved performance and productivity, reduce stress, and have more fun. Le Tigre Enterprises recommends that every business owner looks into how music can be used to have a positive effect in their business.

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