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Look To The Stars For Forecast Of Brighter Days Ahead

Astrologist Gahl Sasson Foretells 10-Plus Ways Life Will Improve In Coming Months

    PIEDMONT, CA, March 25, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- In these tough times, Gahl Sasson, who consults about the stars with Academy Award-winning stars including Forest Whitaker, Uma Thurman, Patricia Arquette and John Cusack, is predicting some good news on the horizon.

Sasson, author of Cosmic Navigator - Design Your Destiny with Astrology and Kabbalah (Weiser, 2008) reveals 10-plus ways that life will improve in the coming months. Here, 10 signs of hope:

1. Love Actually. For everyone out there - and isn't that everyone - who has been having difficulties in relationships since the beginning of March, things will start clearing up after Mars retrograde ends on April 17. That's when Venus, the planet of business partnerships, marriage and finance stops that nasty retrograding behavior. When Venus is retrograding, she is to busy trying to not fall down as she walks backward, so she has little time for our mundane issues. But soon, she will be back on course and life should flow effortlessly. Yeah! From May 16 on, our money matters will improve too, as Saturn starts stimulating the new economy. Career and job opportunities will start opening up as well.

Other signs of hope on the astrological front:

2. Success Matters. For Aries, March 26th opens a powerful New Moon that will bring new beginnings and a surge of powerful energy and optimism. You have had it rough since the beginning of the year, but hope is on its way. Bonus: The Full Moon on April 9th will give you a double push toward success.
3. Show Me the Money. For Taurus, the good news comes in the form of financial gains and a healing of relationship starting June 7, 2009. Venus will visit your sign and make your life bloom with opportunities. It will last for a month so make use of it!
4. Twins Get a New Twist. If you are a Gemini, wait for May 24, 2009 to get a big kick forward as the New Moon in your sign will bring some new beginnings. Also, after May 31, things will clear up and misunderstandings and miscommunications will be resolved.
5. Summer Lovin' Cancer will have to wait for a powerful Super-moon on June 22. But hold on, because it will be worth how it will kick start your summer in a great way.
6. Lions will Roar. Leos have been lucky and have been getting good vibes most of the year. Just be careful not to be over the top or full of yourself since the energy is going your way.
7. Easy Living. From the fall of 2007, it has been super hard for Virgos, but from November 2009 on, you are off the hook and things will flow so much more easily.
8. Light Shines. Libras should get some good news on April 9, 2009. That is your Full Moon, where your sign shines the brightest.
9. Energy Boost. Scorpio energy will be benefiting from good news on the Full Moon on May 8 and 9. It is the Full Moon when the Lord Buddha attained enlightenment - and so will you!
10. Project Runway. For Sagittarius, this year you let go of the yoke of Pluto that has caused havoc in your sign from 1993. You won't have to deal with the planet of death for the next 250 years, so you should definitely get a great deal of projects done this next few years.
11. Red Bullish Boost. Capricorns will get a big boost of energy July 7, 2009, as the moon will eclipse in your sign. You will have the ability to finish successfully a long-awaited project.
12. Year of Living Dangerously Happily. Aquarius, this is your year! Jupiter, the giver of gifts, is in your sign. It will shower on you endless opportunities!
13. Catch Me if You Can. Pisces can get good news throughout this year only if you become more disciplined. If you are serious, determined, persistent and enduring (all things that are hard for you) you will get the best energy ever. But no worriers, 2010 is your year and Jupiter the planet of luck will move to your own sign!

Gahl Eden Sasson is a professor of Astrology, Kabbalah, Mythology, and comparative religion. He weaves the threads of all faiths into one rope helping his students to climb to their higher selves reaching what they often imagined impossible. He teaches regularly in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Boston, Cleveland, Denver, Phoenix, Miami, Chicago, Minneapolis, Sacramento, San Diego, Mexico, England, Turkey, and Israel, and conducts classes at the University of Judaism in Los Angeles, Tel Aviv University, as well as the Learning Annex nationwide. He has furthered his reach by lecturing on spiritual topics to corporate audiences at MTV and Viacom. He is the author of A Wish Can Change Your Life and Cosmic Navigator. You will find Gahl online at

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