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Macrothink Institute Supports the Wikimedia Foundation

Macrothink Institute is a renowned name in the field of scientific research, development, and publication of research papers.

Macrothink Institute publishes online scholarly journals that are open to readers.

    LAS VEGAS, NV, September 11, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Macrothink Institute is a renowned name in the field of scientific research, development, and publication of research papers. It's a private organization and publishes a number of scholarly journals covering numerous disciplines of science. The journals published by Macrothink Institute are particularly for online readers, researchers, and educators. These are made completely unrestricted for users via open access features.

The institute strongly believes in digitization, and this is the reason why all its journals are published online. Not only is it a great idea to target and serve a large number of readers, but also helps the institute to cut down on its printing costs. Anyone from any part of the world can read and download the institute's online journals for free thus spreading education and promoting research in scientific literature.

Though Macrothink Institute is a private organization, its mission and objectives revolve around a social cause. The institute sponsors a lot of research projects that it believes are worth publishing. By financially supporting different foundations, researchers, educators, and students, the institute helps promote original research work. Wikimedia Foundation is one of those that are truly thankful to Macrothink Institute for the funds extended to the former.

Wikimedia Foundation was founded in 2003 with a goal to disseminate education effectively and efficiently throughout the world. It's basically a charitable organization and runs through funds generated from different sources. The organization's headquarter is located in California but serves online globally. A number of projects run in collaboration under the parent brand Wiki and the most popular one is Wikipedia.

Unwavering goals of the entity since more than a decade have enabled Wikimedia Foundation to grow by leaps and bounds. It's indeed one of the most successful organizations in the world. As facts reveal, Wikipedia, that is the flagship domain/project of the foundation, is among the top ten high-traffic websites in the world. One can find comprehensive information about any given topic, field, or discipline at Wikipedia.

Wikimedia Foundation, as a whole, has been helping millions of online readers, students, and researchers to excel in their given fields. Free access to information is the leading cause of its success. Thanks to hundreds of donors the foundation has been operating successfully since its inception - a prominent name in this regard would be Macrothink Institute.

Wikipedia allows its users to post, edit, update, and improve any given article from its extensive database. People referring to Wikipedia get free access to information that further helps them in conducting research studies and academic projects. Be it a qualified scholar, a famous researcher, a known educator, or simply a downtown student, Wikipedia is contributing to all their success stories.

It's important to support such a cause as it helps mankind to grow and be more knowledgeable in a given area. Often highly promising research papers do not get a chance to be published and thus benefits are never obtained from these. However, when individuals and organizations realize their social responsibilities, things start changing. By sponsoring research projects, it's not only the donor that benefits from the outcome, but also those who refer to those published research papers.

Organizations like Macrothink Institute and Wikimedia Foundation make sure that every promising piece of work gets published. When financial and promotional resources are there, why should researchers not take a step ahead and submit their research papers? Macrothink is always in search of bright researchers and Wikimedia welcomes authentic and original content.

Macrothink Institute is a private organization dedicated to scientific research and publication. Macrothink Institute publishes online scholarly journals that are open to readers.

As a new scholarly publisher, Macrothink Institute aims to be a significant contributor to scientific development in the digital era. We recognize that traditional print journals have some disadvantages iincluding higher costs, paper consumption, low efficiency, and limited distribution while online journals are more efficient, cost less, and are environmentally friendly. That's why we believe digital scholarly journals are the new trend for scientific publication.

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