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Material Success: Ben Barber Designs Wow the Industry

The amazing journey from penniless student to world-renowned textile manufacturer * Elegant Linen to Custom Shirts

    NEW YORK, NY, May 10, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- In the Jewish Orthodox section of Boro Park in Brooklyn, New York, the name Ben Barber is synonymous with style and success.

Ben (Binyamin) Barber, 66, emigrated from Israel to New York in 1973. He landed in New York with a total of $117 dollars in his pocket and no idea how he was going to support his young family.

The Barber family's roots are in Lodz, Poland where the family ran a successful textile business that was overtaken by the Nazis during the Second World War. Ben's grandfather employed some 1,800 employees in his factory, and he possessed such a solid reputation and financial backing that when the former Czechoslovakian government made a deal with the neighboring Polish government, Barber was asked to sign as guarantor.

Ben, following the customary path of a religious yeshivah student in Israel, studied Talmud until the age of 22. He had virtually no experience or even interest in the textile industry until a short while after his marriage when his father bought a small fabric factory and bequeathed it to his son. For the next few years, Ben managed the factory in Israel, but when his wife, a native of the US, begged to move back home to be near her family, he acquiesced.

Starting fresh in a new country and lacking any other working experience, Ben determined to stick to the only thing he knew--textile, but with a twist. Seeking a market niche, he decided to focus on high-quality bed linen, and his creative side impelled him to manufacture something special that would surpass the standard and ordinary. Barber began experimenting with a wide variety of styles and fabrics, adding striking trimmings, laces, ribbons, and embellishments that turned every linen set into a work of art.

Slowly but surely word got out that Elegant Linen by Ben Barber offered the highest-quality fabric and most gorgeous styles available in bed linen. His linen boutique, situated on Brooklyn's New Utrecht Avenue attracted a huge number of customers, including many brides intent on stocking her bridal trousseau with the finest selection of quality linen. In time, the store grew too small to accommodate the constant flow of customers, while simultaneously, demand for Ben Barber linen rose around the world, extending as far as Europe and Israel. In 1990, Barber opened his second store, and at present, there are some 40 branches and franchises of Ben Barber's Elegant Linen around the world.

Most buyers are sure that Ben Barber is the name of a world-famous Italian designer, and Barber is pleased to remain low-profile and continue his quiet, unassuming lifestyle in Brooklyn. More recently, he invested in a new project to manufacture top-quality men's apparel that adheres to the formal dress style of Jewish Orthodox men. His flagship store in Brooklyn, Custom Shirts by Ben Barber prides itself on the finest quality, fabric, and style.

"My aspiration," says Barber, "is to manufacture clothing for the religious Jewish sector that adheres to a conservative dress code, but is simultaneously the last word in men's fashion and design. Above all, I'm hopeful that my style will spread far beyond the boundaries of this sector and attract an exclusive clientele throughout America."

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