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Nakiddo - That is How Brands Should Behave in 2018

Finally a brand which do not think about profits but more about how to help children around the world. Nakiddo is about to show to major brands how they should behave. What a lesson!

    NEW YORK, NY, December 10, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- December the 9th, 2018, was a great day for the brand Nakiddo, a moms' products specialist. Indeed, after several months of market research on the North American market, the brand with very refined logo has launched its first item: a Portable Changing Pad, the WeGo.

Until now, you might think "oh another brand coming on the market", fair enough but this time, you are wrong. Nakiddo has something different to offer.

Indeed, if you visit Nakiddo's website, you could discover what they call Nakiddo Ambassador. Actually, the brand gives opportunity to parents to make their kids ambassador of the brand.

But why, should you ask yourself? One of the co-founder explains that really well: "I have been travelling quite a lot, I was leaving in Cambodia for few years but also in Europe and Japan. I am amazed by one thing: too many kids from "rich" countries do not know the chance they have to go to school every day, to have clothes, to have food in their plate. I do believe it is not their fault, parents should may be talk more about that, open their eyes. Since I became father myself, I feel it was now time to act. And we think if their kids represent a brand which fight against children poverty around the world, parents will become naturally the voice of this movement, which means they will raise awareness around them and all together we might be able to make the world a better place."

This is an initiative worth supporting. You will have more information about this movement on Nakiddo's website You can also contact the owners by email. To support this movement you can maybe purchase the first Nakiddo item, the classy Portable Changing Pad WeGo. You will find it on sale today on Amazon with a discount of 25% for the launch.

We will end this news by wishing the best to Nakiddo, a great responsible brand. We also wish to their founders to reach their goal: opening the Nakiddo school!

About Nakiddo
Nakiddo has been created by two daddies who have only one goal in mind: making their wife's life and the one of millions of mothers around the world much easier. But their priority is too help children who need it. We really feel they are different and we will be following them in 2018.

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