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New Book Can Empower American Citizens to Take Charge of Their Country

Yes, you can bring America's prosperity to all Americans

    LYNCHBURG, VA, March 01, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The quality of life for most citizens is declining. For those citizens in the top half, as measured by income and wealth - the decline has been a slow creep. For those in the bottom half, the decline has been more rapid. Many of these citizens are experiencing shortened lifespans and reduced incomes.

The root cause of the problem is American voters elect politicians who are not adequately qualified to lead. As a result, the country is being poorly managed.

Chuck Francus, retired corporate senior executive and turnaround manager, and now CEO of Rethink America LLC, has written the first of a series of books designed to empower American citizens. The first step to turning around the country: creating good paying jobs, realizing steady full employment, achieving good health care, and a long list of other goals, is for the citizens to become educated in how the country now works. The premise is: we cannot fix what we have if we do not know where we are (i.e., what is broken); know where it is we want to go; and know where it is we can go, as limited by practicality. Why the citizens - because the politicians do not know what to do.

Many have recited James Carville's catchphrase used by the 1992 Clinton campaign - "the economy, stupid".

Yet, very few Americans know much about how the American economic system operates (does James Carville know?). Probably no more than one in 500 Americans possesses the basic level of understanding needed to vote knowledgeably and responsibly on economic issues.

Too often many voters and politicians confuse myth with substantive knowledge. If Americans want an economic system that works well for all citizens - then voters must elect politicians that understand the difference. But, first, the voters must learn the difference.

American Voter's Guide to Basic Economics - Discussion Guide 1; Yes, YOU can bring America's prosperity to all Americans, encourages exploratory dialogue by suggesting that readers form discussion groups. It provides a way to learn, increase one's circle of friends, and have fun learning. Also, the book avoids taking political positions, therefore it can be used by non-profits such as civic clubs, volunteer fire departments, religious organizations, etc. Regardless - it is a good book for an individual read.

About the author: Charles Francus is a retired manufacturing executive and turnaround specialist. He has held various division and corporate executive positions in Fortune 500 and middle market companies. Chuck has been published in Corporate Renewal, the professional journal of the Turnaround Management Association. His methodology was to first help the client understand the situation the business is in and then to objectively reason a path to success. This approach will work for America.

Together, Americans can make it happen.

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