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Nine Elms Development Affects a 90 Degree Turn; New Focus On The Jewelry and Mining Industries

Breaking international economic news from this past week has caused Las Vegas-based Nine Elms to increase efforts in the jewelry and mining sectors.

Diversification and movement into locales less affected by geo-political ripples will help ensure the longevity of Nine Elms as a company.

    LAS VEGAS, NV, June 07, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Nine Elms Development LLC is a small company with a big reach. Working hand-in-hand with international companies seeking greater market share in North America, or wanting improved distribution, Nine Elms has a vested interest in global economic policy. Recent comments made by German Chancellor Angela Merkel regarding US-European relations, President Donald Trump's decision to pull the US out of the Paris Agreement on climate change, and general unease regarding US global leadership among influential European leaders as a direct result of the President's transatlantic trip last week have caused the Nine Elms team to make a decision: it is time to refocus on the jewelry and mining industries through the close of 2017.

Since its inception in 2015, Nine Elms has courted market success by offering its services to small international companies in Germany, Italy, France, Australia, and the UK. What has united Nine Elms clientele has been an emphasis on innovation, rather than similarity in industry. Companies have come from manufacturing, event planning, mining, utilities, and food and beverage, to name a few. Regardless of industry, Nine Elms' promise to its clients is always the same: quicker access to North America, greater distribution, and better revenue, with less overhead and without the necessity of a physical presence in the US. This is invaluable to companies with explosive ideas who lack the budget for expansion enjoyed by larger companies. However, as both the political and economic landscape have changed - most notably with the election of a new president here in the United States - Nine Elms has reoriented itself accordingly. An emphasis on the food and beverage industry in the past has given way to greater interest in luxury goods and manufacturing. "The company's products and their benefits remain the same," states CEO Liese Peterson confidently, "we're just speaking to a different audience."

This pivot in interest is by no means accidental. Nine Elms' biggest clients at the moment are from the mining and utilities sectors, respectively, and hail from Australia. "We have seen a dominance of Australian entrepreneurism in the nature of current clients," says Liese, "and we want more of the same." In the wake of Ms. Merkel's comments insinuating that Europe will no longer rely as heavily on the US, developing relationships in other areas of the world is good business. This does not mean that Nine Elms is no longer partnering with companies from the EU: "We are by no means abandoning Europe," Liese explains, "on the contrary, we expect to be there two to three times a year - just not for food and beverage."

Mining is rather a known entity, with strong representation in Australia and Germany, two countries which remain high interest for Nine Elms. Don Peterson, Chairman of the Board for Nine Elms, has well-documented ties with the industry and is comfortable with the market after decades of experience working with companies like Forest Oil Corporation. Nine Elms, however, is now seeking more work in new markets, specifically the jewelry industry. The growing middle-class in developing countries around the world is expected to drive investment and consumption in this industry into 2020. This is exciting for Nine Elms, which hopes to increase market success already enjoyed in the first quarter of this year. Growth in new markets does not mean neglecting previous mainstays for the company. As Don Peterson clarifies, "We will be focusing on a different industry as our primary industry, but not necessarily rejecting food and beverage altogether."

Diversification and movement into locales less affected by geo-political ripples will help ensure the longevity of Nine Elms as a company. This repositioning will also guarantee that Nine Elms will be in place to offer its services to the European community, whether or not relations between global powers warm.

The Nine Elms team will be attending two events this week: JCK Las Vegas and the Elko Mining Expo. JCK will be at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada from Monday, June 5 through Thursday, June 8. The Elko Mining Expo will be hosted by the Elko Convention & Visitors Authority in Elko, Nevada, with exhibits open to the public Thursday, June 8 and Friday, June 9. Look for Nine Elms at both events, launching a new emphasis on jewelry and mining.

About Nine Elms:

Nine Elms Development LLC is headed by husband and wife team, Liese and Don Peterson. While the two fill many capacities in the small company, Liese's official title is CEO. Don, a retired CPA, acts as the company's Chairman of the Board. Both are supported by a dedicated team of employees who bring their diverse talents to the fore for the sake of the company's bottom line - making market access to North America easier, faster, and more affordable for small international companies with innovative ideas. Using contacts made from rich careers in energy, mining, food, and beverage, Liese and Don leverage their talent to create opportunities for all of their clients, no matter the industry.

Contact: Liese Peterson, Nine Elms, +1 702 688 1438

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