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Nothing's Too Hot to Handle with NIM Products Silicone BBQ Oven Gloves!

For a great BBQ experience, you need the perfect oven gloves for outdoor /indoor barbeques, outdoor/campsite grilling on smokers/grills.

    HOUSTON, TX, August 18, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The best BBQ cooking deserves to be served straight out of the BBQ grills. May it be grilled meat, seafood or vegetables, nothings' more delectable than a smoking hot plate of juicy goodness, whether you're hosting a BBQ party in your yard or in an exciting camping trip for that much deserved weekend getaway.

For a great BBQ experience, you need the perfect oven gloves for outdoor /indoor barbeques, outdoor/campsite grilling on smokers/grills. NIM Products Silicone Gloves fit the bill since they're made with pure silicone materials that can withstand heat up to 425 degree F. This means that you'll never experience hand or finger burns again while cooking with these silicon gloves. The extended gloves also cover the wrists to ensure maximum burn protection.

"My kids love BBQ a lot, and we try do it once a week. They can't wait for the meat to be cooled off after cooking, that's how much they love their BBQ. These rubber silicon gloves are a great addition to my cooking aids, it lets me serve the BBQs straight off the grill"- says a 38-year old chef/dad from Pasadena TX on NIM Product Silicon Gloves.

These heat resistant insulated gloves are also ideal for handling hot items straight from the stove or oven cooking wares. Whether it's a steaming pot roast or piping hot baked lasagna in microwavable glass pans, these quick potholders do their job well of keeping your hands off heat burns.

A representative from NIM Products also quips, "This product is so versatile and multi-functional that you need not limit yourself with the cooking use of the gloves. Since this product is also waterproof and allows for an excellent grip, this can be ideal for washing fruits or handling slippery meat parts while cutting or chopping.

The silicone material for this product has been FDA approved for food safety. No need to worry about the food hazards since these thick canning gloves is also BPA-free. Considering that this product is also waterproof, hence cleaning is a breeze. The grimes, oils, greases and other stains that cling to the gloves while in use just slides off easily when rinsed with warm soapy water. The food odours do not stick with the product. You may also opt to clean this using a dishwasher.

Lifetime warranty is being offered on this product, and you'll find ease in dealing with the best customer service in the market today. Definitely ensuring satisfaction guaranteed for all users.

Our orange silicone gloves will definitely match the motif of your kitchen. These loud, vibrant and colourful gloves are also designed to let them stand out and to avoid the gloves getting lost. This product is a great gift idea for any occasion, may it be for the birthday of a homemaker friend or a BBQ enthusiast colleague, or an anniversary present to your relatives.

Literally nothing's too hot to handle with the best BBQ cooking gloves you'll find in

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