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Our Leaders Need to Wake up to the Fundamental Factor Why Nothing Changes in Spite of All Their Brilliant Efforts to Remove the Ills of Society

It is clear that wisdom is none other than emotional health. So the one step solution is to make the society emotionally healthy. There are glaring examples that prove that there are options for creating emotionally healthier individuals.

We provide an emotionally healthier upbringing to women then men with disastrous consequences for all; man, women and society all suffer. If we can raise humbler women why can't we raise humbler men?

    WASHINGTON, DC, March 05, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Our leaders think they can control and manage the ills of society through better and better laws along with throwing more and more money to solve the problems of society. This approach is a time tested failure.

The time has come for our law makers to realize that their creating better laws to fix society fall flat and result in failure because their laws aim to fix the symptoms instead of fixing the fundamental cause. It is virtually like the laws are passed to manage and control the heat and the smoke while ignoring the fire. No wonder the fire keeps raging on and the society remains a mess.

All the man-made ills of society are due to emotionally challenged behavior. Emotionally challenged behavior stems from emotionally challenged brains. So to solve the mess in society the focus has to shift to healing the emotionally challenged brains.

There is this false belief that basic human nature at its core is evil and it cannot be changed. The animal nature of man is determined by the amount of emotional baggage in the brain! As the emotional baggage of the brain is curable; so the animal nature of man can be healed! Human nature can and must be created wise on a massive scale; through brain therapy for the old and wise upbringing for the young.

No matter what the problem, the solution is the same; what our sages have realized since the ancient times - make the whole society wise. It is well established that man becomes wise by old age. What happens is that the emotional baggage that blocks wisdom is gradually ground out over decades; leaving the brain wise. Why not grind out the emotional baggage of the adults ASAP? Why integrate the emotional baggage in the young in the first place.

Our education leaders are afraid to introduce wisdom education; as wisdom itself is still confusing. Millions of mothers are raising wise children without being experts on wisdom and without having the ability of defining wisdom. A wise person doesn't even know that he is wise. It is evident that the knowledge of wisdom is not essential to raising a wise child. We can certainly copy the successful mothers to create wisdom creating curriculums.

It is clear that wisdom is none other than emotional health. So the one step solution is to make the society emotionally healthy on a massive scale. There are glaring examples that prove that wise upbringing creates emotionally healthier individuals.

There are lots of factors that contribute to hardwiring the female brain to being more humble. Women being more humble than man; boils down to women being more wise than man, as humility is the driving force behind wisdom. Wisdom is emotional intelligence; which is emotional health that means that women are more emotionally stable than men. All the ills of society are caused by emotionally challenged behavior and it is clear that as women bring more emotional stability to society; their behavior is much more constructive. Crime alone in America causes over a trillion dollars in damages; not to mention the pain and suffering. Just imagine if men were brought up and created with the same emotional stability as women. Our leaders must wake up to the fundamental flaw of bringing up boys and girls differently as if female and male human nature was different.

President Obama and team can do better. Not only can they create equal emotional health for both men and women; they can ensure raising the emotional stability of men and women to the highest wisdom/emotional-intelligence/emotional-health level. The biggest harm comes from creating trophy self images in our children. We ingrain the belief of each one being the best and as a result we create emotionally unhappy individuals; that has a rippling ill effect on all society. We create a bigger unrealistic trophy self-image in boys than in girls. No wonder almost all destructive behavior is caused by men. We can create perfect pure selves of both male and female. I do not understand why our education leaders don't go full throttle for emotional intelligence education that is actually emotional health therapy for the old and wisdom upbringing for the young.

It is our traditional culture that provides a different upbringing for man and woman with disastrous consequences for both; man, women and society all suffer. If we can raise humbler women; why can't we raise humbler men?

It is time for President Obama and team to realize that the majority of the so called normal society is actually sub-normal, as they are emotionally challenged; where women are emotionally healthier simply because they are raised with more humility than men. Why can't we consciously raise the humility bar for both men and women to near perfection?

President Obama and team must realize that the most realistically effective law they must pass and act on is healing the fundamental illness of society - the emotionally challenged brains of the masses.

This press release is dedicated to the wisdom of my dear friend Major Maryline Esther Kleman.

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