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Rovan Deon and Brandi Mazesticeon Release their New Book, "You Already Have It: A Survival Guide to Life"

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    RAHWAY, NJ, January 19, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Rovan Deon is a Master Coach, Transformational Speaker, Thought Leader, guitarist, lyricist, producer, songwriter and best-selling author. Brandi Mazesticeon is a coach and consultant, and has experience in marketing, business development, and business relationships management as well as being a public speaker, strategic planner, and a best-selling author. Together, they have collaborated their creativity and experience in a best-selling book.

In their new book, "You Already Have It: A Survival Guide to Life" Rovan and Brandi show you support and encouragement in your journey to living on purpose. They encourage you to discover experiences, both unlimited and direct while searching for the truth behind your life's purpose. Rovan Deon and Brandi Mazesticeon provide evidence via universal law, professional observation and personal experience to guide you through the process.

In a recent interview with Steve Kidd, the host of "Thriving Entrepreneur Radio Show," Rovan said, "We have to remember that it is in the journey. We're just giving you great tools to make that journey a little bit more pleasant. There is work to be done in every chapter that, if you take that on, your life is going to be transformed. We want to give away as much as we could in one book."

And Brandi had this to say, "When we say the survival guide to life, we're really pointing to the opportunity to remember who we are and where we came from. There is an opportunity to remember that we already have everything we need to walk this life. In this book, there's work to do; there are practical application tools for you to use with what you read. There are exercises to take on. We're not just going to tell you some great stuff, and you're going to forget about it. There is an opportunity for you to take this on and really be someone who loves your life."

Steve encourages you to get their book on Amazon, "The book is packed full of stuff. The things that are really worth it takes work. They're hard. If it's too easy, we tend not to value it. Just know that you are not alone. There are people and resources out there that can help you thrive and survive in this thing we call life."

Rovan Deon's BIO

Leadership and Results Master Coach Rovan Deon has been in the transformational space for over 30 years. I am your Maximum Results Strategist. I have worked with Entrepreneurs who have been featured in Entrepreneurs Magazine, Vice President of banks, Entertainers, Ghost Writers to celebrities and have coached lawyers, radio personalities, Film Makers, Small Business Owners, Speech Writers to Presidents, Life Coaches, Coaches of Leaders, Mass Meditation Gurus and the United Nations.

I love ACTION because ACTION is the secret sauce that makes everything possible. People have called me the Coach of Coaches, a Maverick, a Trend Setter, a Transformer, and a Maximum Results Strategist Expert.

What I do is simply this: As your Maximum Results Strategist I get you into massive ACTION to produce extraordinary results and create a possibility where anything and everything is possible for you and your business. As your Maximum Results Strategist, you will grow, and your business will grow beyond what you thought was possible. Your profits and abundance will increase, and you will become the Leader you are and the BOSS you know yourself to be to make a real difference and be of service to this planet. I will transform your PASSION - into CASH and MEANING!

Brandi's BIO

Brandi is a visionary entrepreneur, success coach, international bestselling author, and transformational speaker. Born in Atlanta, Ga., Brandi became an entrepreneur before leaving college. She calculates the cost of her entrepreneur education was far greater than her academic education, losing many hundreds of thousands of dollars through her failures before achieving success. Today she owns and operates businesses in leadership development, coaching and is the founder of a conscious lifestyle brand: Maze Apothecary. Brandi has combined her background in Psychology, Marketing and Hermetic studies with her experience in the corporate arena creating effective sales campaigns for several Fortune 500 companies. She currently offers her expertise and guidance to executives and entrepreneurs looking to make a global impact with their enterprise, and willing to go the distance to guarantee their success.

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