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Samantha Koshak Releases Her New Book, "The Crazy Little Thing Called Me"

Best Selling Author

    OXNARD, CA, September 21, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Samantha is a bestselling author and a dedicated advocate for those suffering with Bipolar Disorder and their families. An emotional refuge for many of those she meets, Samantha will guide you to that place of security and stability you seek.

In her book, "The Crazy Little Thing Called Me", Samantha transports you to the rocky childhood she experienced as a result of having a mother diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. You feel the pain, fear, and anxiety of a young child not knowing what is going on. Persevering through the struggles, Samantha's compassion and fierce love for her mother will give you the hope and inspiration you need as a family member of someone suffering. With her mother as her muse, Samantha offers solid and essential steps to help those struggling with Bipolar Disorder themselves. It is an emotional and insightful read for anyone who has experienced this disease or the fallout of it.

In a recent interview on "Thriving Entrepreneur" radio show with Steve Kidd, Samantha said, "This is a hard journey to go through. It's hard when it's your parents, your spouse, your sibling -- it is very very difficult. There will be times when you just want to give up, and those are the times when you have to be strong. It's a process; it doesn't get fixed or treated overnight. The people that you have in your life that have Bipolar disorder want help; whether that be on medication or, you, just talking or listening to them. They need to know that they are not alone."

Steve said, "The book is so amazing. If you have someone close with bipolar disorder, you need to get this book. But even if you don't, I really encourage you to get your copy on Amazon."

As a child, Samantha didn't have the words or diagnosis to explain what she witnessed from her mother. She endured child protection visits, loud outbursts, breaking dishes, verbal fights with loved ones, and, at the same time, a dedicated, loving, and amazing mother. Though at the time she did not know, she was her mother's lifeline as much as her mother was hers.

Samantha turned the crazy of her childhood into a passion for helping everyone in her path. She is always the open heart and listening ear. She is a strong and grounded sanctuary for those needing a safe harbor.

Through her new book, Samantha is now reaching out to help those suffering with Bipolar Disorder and the family members who struggle along with their loved ones. She knows the importance of diagnosis and medication, as well as the importance of patience and fierce love. Building on her personal experiences and the growth she's made, Samantha continues to offer guidance and tools to thrive despite the diagnosis.

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