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Shahzad Pirzada, founder of Genadyne, Signs Licensing Agreement with Yatas

Medical technology now available to all.

    GREAT NECK, NY, August 08, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Now you can breathe a good night's sleep on a revolutionary new Air Channel Technology (ACT) mattress called The Body Balance System.

Thanks to a new licensing agreement between Genadyne Biotechnologies Inc of New York and Yatas - Europe's leading mattress manufacturer, this mattress, developed for the healthcare industry, will now be available to us all. Shahzad Pirzada, the founder and President of Genadyne, believes that we can all benefit from the unique pressure-free comfort offered by the ACT technology. "Where normal mattresses have springs to support your sleeping body the ACT mattress has air, but the air is contained in a series of channels that are laid next to each other and on top of each other and open to the atmosphere. When you lie on this mattress the air circulates around the channels to give you maximum comfort on the top layers and maximum support from the lower. So, this mattress kind of breathes as you sleep. It's a dynamic open air system."

It is the connections between the air channels that optimise the comfort and support levels for any size and weight. There are no pumps and certainly no manual adjustments to be made as the mattress uses simple laws of pressure to adjust naturally to suit couples of different weights.

Shahzad continues: "The medical application of this mattress has proved so successful for us over the last 9 years because the patient feels very little pressure from the bed and, more importantly, his blood circulation is not blocked removing the need for constant movement in the bed to restore blood-flow.

"We have invested heavily in ACT technology and were looking for the right partner to license out for the consumer market. We are excited to have have Yatas, be that partner."

Yatas is the largest manufacturer of consumer mattresses in Europe, producing mattresses for the last 40+years. Marketing Diretor and partner of Yatas, Solen Altop will lead the marketing campaign in Turkey.

This revolutionary sleep system is the first from Genadyne - a company committed to bringing a good night's sleep to all of us.

Shahzad Pirzada
Shahzad has 14 years of experience developing and bring to the market a wide array of respiratory products -- primarily CPAP and BIPAP technologies and portable oxygen delivering systems. Shahzad is a founder of Genadyne Biotechnologies, Inc., an international company with distributors across North America and Europe. He holds 11 patents - and - multiple-pending on air flotation surfaces, non-powered air surfaces, wireless weight scale systems and blood circulation devices. Shahzad is a pilot by training, with a background in avionics and aeronautical engineering from The College of Aeronautics in New York.

Genadyne Biotechnologies Inc. is a US based developer and manufacturer of negative pressure wound therapy systems, non-powered and powered pressure relieving therapeutic surfaces, wireless telemedicine solutions, wireless and wired weight scale systems and more. The mission of Genadyne is to promote wound healing, decrease wound recurrence and maintain the dignity, independence, comfort and pain control of the wound care patient through our products and through education.

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