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Songs at Work Inc.'s New MindPrep App Delivers Scientifically Composed Music For 'High Focus and Anxiety Reduction On Demand'

Songs at Work Inc. announces MindPrep music app for increased mindfulness and focus.

We're concentrating on high focus and anxiety reduction with our first product release, MindPrep.

    LOS ANGELES, CA, October 31, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Songs at Work Inc., a creative collective of trendsetting mobile app developers from Toronto, is announcing MindPrepTM, a new productivity app that features original instrumental music designed to stimulate the brain toward increased performance, mindfulness and focus. By deploying unprecedented, exclusive musical soundscapes, MindPrep activates brain rhythms and frequencies that foster a relaxed neurological state and elevated cognition.

"The actual vibrations of music and the notes themselves can move brainwave rhythms," said Chris Geddes, television producer, brand strategist and Songs at Work Inc. co-founder. "We thought, what an interesting opportunity to give people a lift to their brainwaves using headphones. We're concentrating on high focus and anxiety reduction with our first product release, MindPrep."

Peter Warnica, internationally known music composer and Songs at Work Inc. co-founder, said, "Science is now recognizing the benefits music has on the brain, and on health in general. Our brains instantaneously follow rhythms; this is called frequency following, with certain frequencies and rhythms being more beneficial than others. We are creating and delivering music produced to focus on the most beneficial and scientifically recognized frequencies and rhythms."

MindPrep is engineered for professionals, students, athletes, artists, gamers and any user seeking increased focus, learning capacity, mindfulness, cognitive performance, clarity of thought and anxiety reduction. It is available now for smartphones in iTunes and Google Play.

With music composed, performed and produced by Warnica, using real instruments and specialized tunings, MindPrep offers three to four-minute long tracks in the rock, country, reggae, electronic and cinematic genres for only $2.99 each, or five tracks plus one exclusive bonus track for only $9.99. The free download includes one full-length session - "Mission Possible" - for a limited time.

Warnica's music has been featured in film and television titles broadcast in more than 75 countries over the past decade. He has prepared music beds for international television broadcast used by legendary Motown writer/producer Lamont Dozier ("What's Goin' On," "Nowhere to Run," "Heatwave") and has received an EMI publishing nomination for song writing.

"It feels like everything I've done has been headed toward this," says Warnica, whose selected credits include composing and producing music for HGTV's, "The Property Brothers" and the hit reality series, "Wipeout."

"This is definitely not spa music," said Geddes, a 15-year media executive who has championed marketing strategies for Unilever, L'Oreal, AT&T and General Mills, and has produced second screen experiences spanning MLB, the NHL, NFL, MMA and ESPN Brazil. "These are rocking, aggressive, exciting compositions," added Geddes.

Entrepreneur Jason Squire and neuroscience researcher Colleen Dockstader, Ph.D., are Songs at Work Inc. executives who also developed MindPrep. Squire has published more than 60 mobile apps for iOS and Android under his company, Red Squirrel Media, and has previously launched Canada's first 4G mobile data network.

Dockstader researches for The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, and is an adjunct professor with the Music and Health Research Collaboratory at The University of Toronto.

"Absolutely anyone can try MindPrep," Dockstader said. "It is designed to give a boost to brain states that both adults and children already utilize during cognitive processing and awareness. MindPrep first gave me energy. The auditory system has a direct connection to our motor system, so it's not surprising I could feel MindPrep delivering energy to my body. I was able to channel that energy deliberately, and keenly focus on the task at hand - and get it done."

Dockstader specializes in characterizing brain rhythms that underlie sensory and cognitive processing, and has worked with healthy children and adults, as well as those affected by attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and brain injury.

"Gamma rhythms are the brain's fastest rhythms, and are thought to be critical in waking up the brain, bringing an event into conscious awareness, and focusing on that particular event in a way that leads to enhanced performance," she said. "When we stimulate gamma rhythms in combination with slower rhythms, changes in pitch and beat, we stimulate changes in brain rhythms in both local and widespread brain networks that are observed during enhanced cognitive processing."

MindPrep features an ad-free, user-friendly interface with a touch-screen tile music player and original still artwork by Radha Chaddah that illuminates dyed neural cells at high magnification. It requires the listener to plug headphones into their iPhone or Android device.

"We live in all these distractions," Geddes said. "In an average day, each person is subject to thousands of messages that pull our attention - advertising, personal and professional calls to action that we need to process. MindPrep is your personal guide to optimal performance and focus on demand. We suggest you take a few minutes and allow MindPrep to do its work for you. MindPrep, the performance-enhancing music App."

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