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The Best User-experience for Product Personalization is Launched in a New Release of OnPro Digital's Solution Called "Custom Impression". This is a Pure Web-based Version Compatible with all Browsers

This software provides an updated "preview" of personalized products to customers with every mouse click, keystroke, and other actions. You can set up products quickly and easily using the setup wizard. Integrating this into existing sites is a snap.

    MINNEAPOLIS, MN, January 22, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- This new release of Custom Impression provides the ultimate experience in product personalization. This software can be used by any organization selling personalized products to their customers. The user-interface provides an updated preview with every input from your customers (keystrokes, selections, etc.). This real-time processing takes place entirely within the browser making updates immediate. It runs in all major browsers and requires no plug-ins. The rendering process is optimized using advanced 2D & 3D HTML graphics, Javascript, and extensive math function including geometric, algebraic, and trigonometric utilities (all custom written for this application). Users have the ability to zoom significantly in or out (from 10% to 1000%). A full video demonstration can be found at Custom Impression on We used Custom Impression to setup hundreds of popular personalized items via our own site called which serves as a proving ground and demonstration site for our solution.

The product setup wizard can do in a few minutes what it would take a developer days or even weeks to construct. An integrated rich-text editor is part of the product setup which handles form field drop-ins and font configuration (type, size, color, etc.). There are over 100 controls in the product setup tools to configure a product in any way (see list below). Your competitors will not be able to copy or reverse-engineer the functionality of your site running Custom Impression as the browser-based code is not human readable (it is fully encrypted & obfuscated).

Your customers will notice numerous eye-catching features such as...
- Use of custom fonts
- Text can be embossed to any depth and shading/color.
- Text & images can be given shadows (size, darkness, color, etc.)
- Text can be given an unlimited list of outlines and outline sizes & colors (also known as strokes)
- Text opacity (transparency) can be set
- Text can be configured as an arc with any curvature (plus or minus values)
- Max number of text lines and line spacing can be configured.
- Any rotation value can be assigned
- Skew values can be set horizontally or vertically
- Horizontal alignments can be set left, center, right, or block positioning
- Vertical alignments can be set for top, middle, or bottom
- Zone alignment can be set to render text in any desired shape.
- Text can be configured to shrink-to-fit with a minimum fonts size specified.
- Position can be set for any X,Y value.
- Dimensions can be set for any width & height values
- Text can be set as superscript or subscript
- 3D rendering can be set to emulate any perspective
- The configurator has drag-n-drop features for moving, rotating, skewing, and resizing.
- Business rules can drive what appears when and under what conditions
- Image uploads only take a couple seconds or less regardless of image size

For information on licensing and integrating the software, please contact: [email protected]

About OnPro Digital, LLC
OnPro Digital, LLC has been in operation since 1995. The company has developed their own software solution called Custom Impression ( This tool is available for businesses and printers to sell their personalized products online.

OnPro Digital, LLC has it's originating founding partners intact with a continued dedication to customer satisfaction and constant software enhancement. Any inquiries should be directed to [email protected].

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Best user-experience for product personalization. Great for any organization selling personalized gifts.