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Tired of Monthly Cable and Satellite Bills? Get Live Online! Satellite TV

Satellite and cable television services can drain your bank account faster than your heating bill and still leave you out in the cold when you want to watch something that really matters to you.

    MIRAMAR, FL, September 07, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- If you have Internet access, you don't have to be shackled to an enormous cable bill. Now there's television tuner software that allows you to watch live TV on thousands of television channels from all around the world, without any monthly bills. Once you've purchased and installed the inexpensive software, you'll be able to tune into television shows streaming live on TV from stations located in nearly any country and every state forever - and you'll never have to pay another cable television or satellite TV bill again.

Free TV used to be a given. You plugged it into the wall, pulled out the "ON" button and got to watch the three or five or seven stations that were in broadcast range of your television set. The costs of developing the entertainment was covered by the advertisers we all invited into our living rooms as a tit-for-tat for the free entertainment. When cable television first came along, it had two big selling points: access to channels outside your broadcast area and no advertising. And we all understood that the lack of advertising meant that we'd have to pony up and put a little something in the pot. For areas where broadcast reception was sketchy at best, the cost of cable TV was worth giving up on free TV because, frankly, free TV was snowy and completely unwatchable. Cable gave us clean picture, amazing variety - the idea of thirty whole channels was amazing back then - and a choice that wasn't tied to advertising dollars.

Things have changed a lot since then. Now, most cable television systems offer hundreds of stations, including complicated "tiers" that allow customers to pick and choose movies, dozens of cable entertainment networks, channels that show old movies, news and political channels for political junkies, stations devoted to children's television and dozens of music stations devoted to all sorts of different types of music. And we pay a lot more for the services - sometimes a couple hundred dollars a month. We still can't access overseas stations, or broadcast stations outside our local areas, though - and despite the fact that we're paying hundreds of dollars a month, we still get all the advertising most people fled broadcast television to avoid.

Today, many people are turning to Internet TV on the Internet and turning off their cable for good. There are websites and services that don't even require you to have a TV tuner to view the latest TV shows, news, movies and sports events - you just go to a website and start watching. In addition, many newer computers come with a built-in TV tuner card so you can watch live Online TV.

If you're tired of paying for limited access - heavily controlled by your cable company and the government - and ready to see what the real world of TV PC online has to offer you, check out some of the best Internet TV software packages available online. Free yourself from cable tyranny and watch live TV for free again.

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