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Washington Financial Expert is Living Proof that Laser Spine Surgery Can Provide Lasting Benefits

Wealth strategist Dwayne Burnell credits minimally invasive spine surgery performed by Dr. Solomon Kamson of the Spine Institute Northwest with giving him lasting relief from chronic pain.

    BOTHELL, WA, March 01, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Laser spine surgery is often critiqued as a temporary fix; those who have researched this kind of minimally invasive spine surgery have likely heard the axiom "laser doesn't last." Dwayne Burnell, a wealth strategist, author, and financial educator in Washington state, is a real-life rebuttal to these claims. More than 10 years after undergoing minimally invasive lumbar decompression and lumbar fusion, Burnell remains free from pain. He credits Dr. Solomon Kamson MD, PhD, founder of the Spine Institute Northwest, with enabling him to "live a pain-free life."

When Burnell first visited the Spine Institute Northwest, he had endured years of chronic back and leg pain. He had visited a wide range of practitioners and tried numerous treatments. "Although [these] efforts helped reduce the pain temporarily, it seemed like the core issue of what was causing the pain was never found," Burnell remembers. "The recommendations from all the medical professionals I visited were, in many cases, contradictory and all over the place. By the time I met with Dr. Kamson in 2003, I was very discouraged and skeptical."

With Dr. Kamson, Burnell finally received a definitive diagnosis. He recalls, "the bonus for me back in 2003 was that Dr. Kamson performed the surgery using a minimally invasive technique. Back then, very few specialists were embracing minimally invasive spine surgery." Carefully following Dr. Kamson's protocol for post-operative care, "for the first time in many years, I found myself completely pain free," Burnell says. He was once again able to fully dive into his work, enjoy his family life, and even get back to activities like hiking, cycling, and skiing.

"This is yet another piece of evidence that our entire organization at Spine Institute Northwest is dedicated and fully committed to providing long-term curative solutions for our patients," explains Dr. Kamson. "Our goal is to help people suffering from chronic pain to get back their lives."

The physicians at the Spine Institute Northwest strive to remain at the forefront of pain management, engaging in continuous research and pursuing further educational opportunities to stay up-to-date on best practices and new developments. They also maintain outcomes data on minimally invasive procedures like lumbar fusion in order to monitor their patients' health and be able to share this important information with the greater medical community. To learn more about Dr. Solomon Kamson and the Spine Institute Northwest, visit

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Spine Institute Northwest has been providing quality healthcare services since 2000. The medical team at Spine Institute Northwest strives to deliver excellent medical service and care with an emphasis on minimally invasive procedures such as laser spine surgery. The Institute's philosophy places a strong emphasis on early intervention, starting with an accurate diagnosis and initiation of proper treatment. At Spine Institute Northwest, the focus is on preventing the kind of chronic disability often associated with untreated or poorly managed, intractable pain. Learn more at

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