All Press Releases for January 20, 2011 Presents Generation Beta-Male: The New Role for Men in Modern Love Relationships

Why do we cheat on our partner even though we love him or her? Is monogamy just a fairy tale illusion that has nothing to do with a modern relationship? And are women actually worse than men when it comes to infidelity?

    COPENHAGEN, DENMARK, January 20, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Surveys show that almost half of us want to cheat on our partner and it appears that women are increasingly surpassing men in regards to infidelity. The author David Nicosia Longhi wanted to take a new look at these modern tendencies and earlier in 2010 he published his book in Denmark with the title "Kvinden & Aeblerne" which became an immediate Danish bestseller in its category. The book which has now been translated into English.

In his book he challenges the myth of men being the worst cheaters and thereby breaking a taboo about the modern woman's sexual demands and requirements.

"There's no doubt that the scale of equality between men and women has tipped in favor of women, which to some extent has left us with a social-monster. A liberation of women that has turned into a modern, mainstream stiletto-feminism filled with alpha females and beta males. The result of this has become a generation of dictatorial, love-cynical women and submissive, monogamous men. So the whole equality issue is beginning to get out of hand and the informal "battle of the sexes" has consequences," says author David Nicosia Longhi.

The book "When Women Cheat" is based on international scientific studies as well as interviews with several women of all ages who talk about their infidelity. They openly talk about cheating on their men and why they do it. Also professionals have their say in the new book, such as sexologist Katrine Berling, male therapist Tomas Friis and sociologist Ole Bjerg. They all voice their opinion about the modern female agenda in the western world. Is it really true that women are running the show? Can men accept that their woman is having other partners? And what will society look like in 10-20 years when love is replaced with cynicism?

Between the legs
"The way men perceive themselves is mostly located between their legs. The interesting thing is that female infidelity is extremely devastating for a man's masculine identity. Far more so than in the opposite situation. It's a mental castration that is fully completed upon female infidelity and many men never fully recover confidence thereafter. And this is something that I want to look further into and bring into light."

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