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William Speir's Latest Novel is a Human Drama Set on a Far Away World 200 Years After the Destruction of the Earth

Progressive Rising Phoenix Press releases The Olympium of Bacchus 12, an epic Science Fiction novel!

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    ORLANDO, FL, January 06, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Progressive Rising Phoenix Press is proud to announce the release of The Olympium of Bacchus 12 by Award-Winning Author William Speir. The science fiction novel is Speir's eleventh published novel. The story, full of action and intrigue, focuses on a family caught in the middle of extraordinary circumstances and struggling to survive. It is a very human tale set against the backdrop of a distant planet under attack by an unknown alien enemy. The book will appeal to a wide audience, including those who don't typically read science fiction.

The year is 2614 - 206 years after Earth was destroyed in a natural cataclysm and the United Earth Planets Confederation (UEPC) became humanity's new home. Spread across a cluster of 8 star systems, the 22 inhabited planets of the UEPC thrived and were at peace for more than 200 years... until they came. In an unprovoked attack, alien invaders wiped out the UEPC's battle fleet and all major cities on 21 planets. Hidden between two great nebulas on the far edge of UEPC space, only Bacchus 12 was spared from destruction.

Rick Douglas is going about his business of directing planetary services on behalf of the Confederation. When he loses contact the planetary governments of the other UEPC planets, Rick leans that the Confederation has been attacked by an unknown alien force. The UEPC fleet has been largely destroyed, and most of the cities on the other Confederation planets have been levelled. Only the planet Bacchus 12 remains untouched.

With the UEPC civilian government gone, the survival of the human race falls on Rick's shoulders. Rescue missions must be launched, and Bacchus 12 must be protected. But Bacchus 12 doesn't have the infrastructure to handle housing and feeding refugees from the other Confederation planets, and the remnants of the fleet are inadequate to protect the planet.

When the alien attackers discover Bacchus 12's existence, Rick and the fleet struggle to guard Bacchus from attack. In an epic battle in space fought across the star system, the fate of mankind hangs in the balance as Rick leads the defense of the planet and its deposits of the coveted mineral Olympium from both the aliens and from a new and equally deadly threat from within his own cabinet.

About the author:

William Speir is a retired management consultant from Central Florida and full-time author. He has published a seven-book Action-Adventure series, two historical novels, a fantasy novel, and a non-fiction textbook on muzzle-loading artillery for reenactors and living historians. He has written two more historical novels that will be published in early 2017.

The Olympium of Bacchus 12 is available in softcover, hardcover, and ebook from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, the publisher, online retailers and select stores. The title is available for wholesale discounts to schools, libraries, non-profits, retailers, and vendors through Progressive Rising Phoenix Press or Ingram/LSI.

Review copies and interviews available upon request.
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