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Women of Distinction Magazine Selects Cathy Chargualaf as a Distinguished Professional in Her Field

Cathy Chargualaf was recently featured in Women of Distinction Magazine in 2015 and will be featured in the Top 10 in Health and Wellness edition in 2016/17.

    COVINA, CA, August 24, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Cathy Chargualaf, Author, Health and Lifestyle Coach, and Founder of Life Esteem, LLC, Life Esteem Living, and Life Esteem Wellness Center, has been recognized as a Distinguished Professional in her field through Women of Distinction Magazine. Cathy Chargualaf was recently featured in Women of Distinction Magazine in 2015 and will be featured in the Top 10 in Health and Wellness edition in 2016/17.

Beginning in the early 1990's, Cathy Chargualaf developed, produced, and hosted a local cable television show that addressed self-esteem and diversity issues. Her main intention was to help individuals build their self-esteem. Not much has changed over the past 20-plus, and today she is not only a published Author on the topic, but she is also a Health and Lifestyle Coach and the Founder of Life Esteem, LLC, Life Esteem Living, and Life Esteem Wellness Center, where she continues in her mission to raise awareness of integrated health through education, coaching, and by way of various resources that focus on practical skills in both life and health that assist in awakening a more meaningful life and existence.

"I take a holistic approach in helping individuals go deeper to discover their inner value, needs, and desires," Chargualaf said. "When we address the whole person in mind, body, and spirit, the journey often includes new levels of wellness, balance, and inner peace."

To empower such human spirit, Chargualaf uses transformational coaching that provides clients with direct access to the reality for which they've created by cultivating awareness. This is done through mindfulness, experiencing a scared place to express themselves, realizing that their emotions are always present and available to inform themselves about how they feel about their choices, and by being empowered to shift their current paradigm to make way for their desires.

"We are all so much more than our bodies, egos, suffering, and struggling," Chargualaf noted. "Each of us have incredibly powerful, untapped resources. As a Transformational Coach, I help clients move beyond the limits of traditional coaching to go deeper and to understand the way back to who they truly are, which is the roadmap to life esteem. I also help them expand their awareness to connect with their inner wisdom, learn to create healthy relationships with healthy boundaries, access a deeper understanding of human behavior to attract the life they want, learn practical ways that foster a transcended way of being, understand their energy signature and how to raise their emotional state, become adept at sensing, feeling, and attuning to the voice of their true self, access more of the heart's intelligence to release resistance, learn to foster and trust living life as who they are, and find techniques that will help them overcome their innermost limitations."

With her combined education, clinical training, and professional experience, Chargualaf co-creates personalized wellness programs based on client goals to move them toward their ideal vision of health within their unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and resources.

Chargualaf has been very much involved in her community. She served as a California State Certified Counselor for the Orange County Sexual Assault Network, a Counselor for the Hugh O'Brian Youth Foundation, and an Instructor for the California State University of Fullerton. She's spent 20 years working with companies, local schools, and universities to develop organizational change programs and profiling individuals and teams for peak performance. Today, she is working with local counties, cities, and businesses to provide health and wellness programs.

Earning her PhD in Metaphysical Humanistic Science, Chargualaf specialized in Transformational Life Coaching and Spiritual Counseling. She also obtained certifications in Spiritual Counseling for Addiction-Based Relationships and is trained as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She's also trained as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she studied several dietary theories and practical lifestyle coaching methods.

Chargualaf is the Author 'Life Esteem Living Journal'; 'Life Esteem Journal'; and two children's books, 'Animal Storybook No. 1 & No. 2', Building Self-Esteem through Animal Stories', all of which can be found on her website for purchase.

In 1997, Chargualaf was honored by the Los Angeles Commerce for Women for bringing innovative ideas to an organization dealing with constant change. In 1999, she was granted the Empower the Spirit Award in recognition of life and work exemplifying the empowerment of others, especially children, by the International Society of Metaphysical Humanim. In 2013/14, as an active member of the National Association of Professional Women, the organization named her Professional Woman of the Year for her life's work.

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