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Marquis Who's Who Honors Gilbert B. Lee, MD, for Expertise in Health Care and Consulting

2024-06-03 | Gilbert B. Lee, MD, is an established physician and consultant as the owner of Estate Financial Services LLC

Stephen A. Funk Praised for Excellence as Financial Services Expert and Author

2024-06-03 | Mr. Stephen A. Funk's successful accounting career is supplemented by creative and civic pursuits

Irene A. Moser, PA, has been Inducted into the Prestigious Marquis Who's Who Biographical Registry

2024-06-03 | Mrs. Irene A. Moser, PA, is noted for her success as an established licensed realtor in Southwest Florida

Marquis Who's Who Honors George C. Prueitt, PhD, for Expertise in Operations Research, Analysis, and Defense

2024-06-03 | George C. Prueitt, PhD, is honored for his expertise as the president of Prueitt Consulting LLC

Marquis Who's Who Honors Teresa A. Lee for Expertise in Building Sales and Consultancy

2024-06-03 | Teresa A. Lee is recognized for her role as the Vice President of Sales at Campana Building Consultants

Marquis Who's Who Honors Patricia Bellucci for Expertise in Mental Health Care

2024-06-03 | Patricia Bellucci is lauded for her contributions as a psychologist and psychoanalyst

Thomas Levi Lancaster Honored by Marquis Who's Who for Achievements in Pharmacy

2024-06-03 | Thomas Levi Lancaster is a dedicated educator and specialist in diabetes management

Marquis Who's Who Selects Cecilia D. Francis, PhD, for Excellence in Social Work and Mental Health

2024-06-03 | Dr. Cecilia D. Francis is lauded for her distinguished tenure as the owner of her own health care practice

Physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist Niriksha Malladi named a Castle Connolly Top Doctor

2024-06-03 | Niriksha Malladi, MD, has been recognized as a 2024 Castle Connolly Top Doctor – the first year she has received the prestigious Top Doctor honor.

Multi-Wing Transforms Off-Highway Electrification with Customizable DC Electric Fans

2024-06-03 | DCmax312 Customizable Electric Fan Revolutionizes Cooling for Off-Highway Machines

Fast Guard Service Releases Guide to Choosing the Best Fire Watch Service

2024-06-02 | Top Fire watch organizations throughout the state of California

Soluvex, LLC Expands International Operations To Include Global Clean Energy Industry

2024-06-02 | New Mexico-based firm members experienced in finance, manufacturing, logistics/supply chain, tourism and other industries on multiple continents

Key Housing Announces New Content Focused on Sacramento Short-Term Housing, Including Featured Listing

2024-06-02 | Key Housing is a best-in-class provider of short term housing throughout California from Southern to Northern California. It features listing for Southern California for June, as well as new content for corporate travelers.

"Inside the Lamp 2024" - A Groundbreaking Event for NEMT Professionals

2024-06-01 | RouteGenie will host a conference in Niagara Falls, NY. It is an event designed for NEMT professionals.

Bestselling Author Jody Sharpe Takes Regional First Place Award In 2024 National Federation Of Press Women's Professional Communications Contest With New Novel, Summer Of Angels

2024-06-01 | As a former teacher of special needs children, Sharpe has direct experience regarding the effect bullying has on children. Her award-winning, bestselling books help readers find hope, inspiration and gratitude.

GRE Alpha's Voltage Drop Calculator Hits Milestone: Over 10K Users in 2024

2024-06-01 | The essential tool for efficient power management celebrates a significant user milestone, reflecting its growing impact in the industry


2024-05-31 | On June 7, 2021, the U.S. Supreme Court refused NCFM's earlier case, deferred to Congress, where six U.S. Senators opposed "draft[ing] our daughters", precluding women from registering. An archaic insult to our Constitution, men, and women.

Marquis Who's Who Honors H. Kenneth Fisher, MD, for Expertise in Medicine

2024-05-31 | H. Kenneth Fisher, MD, celebrated for over four decades in health care with a focus on sleep medicine

Sandra L. Mannon has been Inducted into the Prestigious Marquis Who's Who Biographical Registry

2024-05-31 | Sandra L. Mannon is a nurse practitioner with her own clinic, Aspire for Wellness Together

Marquis Who's Who Honors Laurence Overmire for Expertise in Writing, Poetry, Genealogy and Theater

2024-05-31 | Laurence Overmire celebrated as a renowned author, poet, educator and genealogist