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Joanne H. Light, EdD, has been Inducted into the Prestigious Marquis Who's Who Biographical Registry

2023-10-23 | Dr. Light excels as a certified life coach, consultant, and parent empowerment coach

VetBizWeek: Virtual Entrepreneurial Training Program and Skills After Service Community To Launch During 2023 National Veterans Small Business Week

2023-10-20 | A week-long series of 8 small business classes on trending topics like Marketing, Bookkeeping, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity and more - free to any veteran, active-duty military, reserves, first responders and their family members.

Peck Law Corporation: Leading the Fight Against Elder Abuse in Los Angeles County

2023-10-19 | Comprehensive Legal Expertise and Support for Victims and Families of Elder Abuse

Blessed Are Those Who Give is Celebrating One Year of Generosity

2023-10-19 | BATWG Launches Rebrand by Offering More Financial Support and Services than ever before!!

Assisted Living: What You Need To Know Before You Make A Decision - Will I Be Safer In A Retirement Community Asks Frances Fuller, Bestselling Author Of Helping Yourself Grow Old

2023-10-19 | Best-selling author Frances Fuller offers an insider's view of assisted living and a unique outlook on aging, based on her own experience. Her insights are penetrating and deal with issues that many seniors and their families are concerned about.

Soulful Journeys and Life-Changing Lessons: Toby Evans Unveils a Multitude of Spiritual and Artistic Offerings

2023-10-17 | Toby Evans advances her spiritual and artistic journey with the season finale and upcoming season of Soul-Bridge, alongside visual album, "Call to Wholeness," and two original songs, each with a captivating backstory.

New Book, "One Christ, One Body: Jesus Is Lord"

2023-10-17 | Reveals the Spiritual Warfare Faced by Every Christian

Nadjla Sahyoun Bowie Recognized by Marquis Who's Who for Achievements in Career Coaching

2023-10-17 | Nadjla Sahyoun Bowie is a dedicated career and self-development coach and mental health advocate

"Dreaming to Reality" by Magetta Vincent: A Journey of Inspiration and Resilience

2023-10-17 | Today, we are excited to announce the forthcoming release of "Dreaming to Reality," an extraordinary narrative that invites readers to embark on a remarkable journey of aspiration, and the transformation of dreams into triumphant realities.

Dr. Mel Gill Recognized by Marquis Who's Who for Excellence in Personal Development and Motivational Psychology

2023-10-16 | Dr. Mel Gill celebrates more than 30 years as a personal development coach, corporate advisor and author

How Long Does Bankruptcy Stay on a Credit Report?

2023-10-12 | Bankruptcy can remain on your credit report for a significant period, depending on the type of bankruptcy you filed.

Bestselling Author Jody Sharpe Takes First Place Nationally In 2023 National Federation Of Press Women's Professional Communications Contest With New Novella, 20 Moon Road

2023-10-12 | As a former teacher of special needs children, Sharpe has direct experience regarding the effect bullying has on children. Her award-winning, bestselling books help readers find hope, inspiration and gratitude.

The Norfus Firm Sheds Light on the Growing Trend of Quiet Quitting in the Workplace

2023-10-11 | The Norfus Firm, a Miami-based management consulting firm, is shedding light on a concerning trend that has been observed in workplaces across the United States. Coined as "quiet quitting," this growing phenomenon poses significant challenges.

FutureCommPR Chats with Colin Phillips, the Creative Mind behind iYiYi

2023-10-11 | iYiYi Revolutionizing Networking and Social Engagement

Richard Runyon Reveals Insights into His Forthcoming Autobiography, "My Story to Tell," Discussing Its Aims, Objectives, and Origins

2023-10-10 | Emerging storyteller Richard Runyon announces his forthcoming autobiography, adding to his impressive body of work, which includes an acclaimed interview series and the upcoming "Richard Runyon's Storybook" web program.

Alua Platform Is Garnering Thousands of New Users

2023-10-10 | Discover Alua: A unique creator-fan platform where you can connect, earn, engage, explore exclusive content, paid chats, and more. Join now for free!

Author Ben Williams Introduces the Release of His New Book "How to Study the Bible"

2023-10-10 | A straightforward guide to understanding the Scriptures is at your fingertips!

Natural Alcohol Alternative for Moms

2023-10-10 | Finding a healthy alternative to unwind and relax after a long day of being a mom can be challenging. Kratom Kava Bar offers an incredible product that is designed to give moms the energy they need without the negative effects of alcohol.

How to Stop Stress & Burnouts for Entrepreneurs

2023-10-10 | Discover the Game-Changing Benefits of Kratom for Entrepreneurial Success. Enhance mental sharpness, stay focused, and conquer daily challenges with natural energy and relaxation. The days of burnouts for entrepreneurs are gone with Kratom Kava Bar.