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Asta Arts Fills the Rubber Stamp Void for Hip Young "Craftsters"

2005-09-30 | Crafty young hipsters embrace saccharine-free stamp designs from fellow DIY craft addict.

Rubber Stamp Artist Prefers Tattoos to Teddy Bears

2005-09-20 | Rubber stamp artist Nicole Yost designs left-of-center art rubber stamps that feature skulls and crossbones, pinup girls, retro tattoo designs and other hip images.

Photography Contest Casts Spotlight on Sharing

2005-09-19 | PhotoActive DVD is Offering Free DVD Mastering Projects for Contest Winners

Latino Cartoonists Team Up for Hispanic Heritage Month

2005-09-14 | More details and art at under news releases. Request accompanying art by emailing or calling Kathie Kerr at 816-360-6945.

Exciting new novel set in the ancient Roman Republic - adventure, fights, thrills, romance and plenty of action (for 18+ audiences)

2005-07-03 | First novel in a series titled "Barbarians in the Republic" is now available as an ebook!(ebooks on and This is not a dry history book but an exciting, adventurous work of fiction that will be certain to enthrall readers throughout its 400+ pg length.

The art of valuing art has become free and easy

2005-06-30 | You don't need expensive and out-dated reference books anymore, if you're trying to put a price tag on your painting. On the new website, all you need to do is type the name of the artist and press 'Search' and you will find out the worth of your piece of art.

Christopher Flach, Photographer is featured at the SOMARTS Cultural Center in San Francisco

2005-06-30 | SOMARTS and ArtworksSF features Christopher Flach, photographer.

Christopher Flach photographic portfolio is featured on the Polaroid creative website: featured photographer

2005-06-30 | Christopher Flach, artist has been using Polaroid instant film for more than 25 years for fine art, self expression, and to push the envelope of creativity and experimentation. His work is seen on the Presents "Eye Of The Beholder" Art Show

2005-05-09 | Twice a year the commercial enterprise transforms itself into an art gallery.

Self-Represented, The Raw Artist Wraps Up First $25,000 Month on eBay

2005-03-31 | No longer does the term self-representing artist go hand and hand with the term 'starving' artist.

International Galleries Inc. Sets The Stage For Global Art Phenomena "ART MEETS OPPORTUNITY"

2005-03-24 | IGI -International Galleries Inc. Creating Limited Art Edition "Market" Paradigm Shift

DesignerPrint Help You Design a Stylish and Contemporary Interior for Your Home or Office

2005-01-19 | Using the latest digital printing technology offers a large format printing service, creating canvas prints that will look stunning in your home or office.

Art Collectors Find Duane Cash and Phet Cash Paintings a Great Christmas Gift Idea as Holiday Season Nears - LDS Art Available

2004-10-13 | Cash Art Studio Experiences Quick Painting Purchases from eBay Store Presence - LDS Art Available from artist members of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints