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Repairing your inflatable boat now as easy as painting - just apply revolutionary two-stage Tuff-Coat Inflatable Boat Repair Kit to any damaged Hypalon or PVC surface

2006-03-31 | Fast, easy and inexpensive solution renews, restores and protects inflatables. Instead of replacing damaged inflatable boat for thousands of dollars, Tuff-Coat's Inflatable Boat Repair Kit can fix almost any surface damage for $200 or less. If you can paint, you can repair your own inflatable boat.

HONOLULU, Hawai'i., — 2006 Distinguished Economic Botanists Award Winners Named.

2006-03-02 | Dr. David Lentz, President of the Society for Economic Botany, announced today the recipients of the 2006 Distinguished Economic Botanist Award, the society's highest honor for professionals.

IGT Group Prepares Earth Stewardship Workshop

2006-02-17 | The Interfaith Green Team is holding an Earth Stewardship Workshop on March 4, 2006 with three key speakers on the topic of faith and the environment.

Stress Related Disorders Respond to Nature Remedy By 30 Percent, an Organic Education Antidote for Natural System Dysfunction (NSD) Increases Wellness and Reduces Budgets.

2006-01-10 | The Institute of Global Education has identified a debilitating disorder known as Natural System Dysfunction (NSD), and has developed a readily available online Organic antidote for it. At home, work or school, the easily learned antidote, by 30 percent, increases our well-being and reduces budgets.

Nature Clinic Brings Joy to the World: Friends of Natural Systems Education Reduces Stress and Strengthens Personal and Environmental Health at a Free, Holistic Nature-Psychology Clinic Online

2005-12-13 | Our disconnection from nature's ways produces Natural System Dysfunction (NSD), the inability of our consciousness to register 53 inborn natural system sensitivities and enjoy their benefits. A new, free, online clinic educates its visitors to use and teach an Organic Psychology antidote to NDS.

The unique Green Globe project is putting the problem of global deforestation on the map.

2005-11-09 | Two Dutchmen have started a project titled Green Globe in order to warn the world of the dangers of deforestation. Anyone who is interested can purchase a square metre of land in Queensland Australia for US$ 39.90.

Really, is there "No Direction Home," Bob Dylan? An Omission in Martin Scorsese's Film is Corrected by an Environmentally Sound, Holistic Education and Counseling Alternative

2005-10-08 | A new Martin Scorsese film about Bob Dylan film shortchanges the public. It does not inform us about a direction home that Dylan and our society overlooks and the readily available tools we can use to benefit from taking that direction. Free online articles are provided to help us fill this void

Beck Geodetix GIS work and Aerial Photography Featured at Citizens' State of the Bay Conference at the University of Houston-Clear Lake on September 10.

2005-08-21 | Concerned that threats to the future of the bay are not being addressed, the Galveston Bay Conservation and Preservation Association (GBCPA) is organizing a day-long Citizens' State of the Bay Conference at the University of Houston-Clear Lake on September 10.

Enzyme-Based, Eco-Friendly Solution Removes Mold Stains and Odor

2005-06-17 | For success in mold stain and odor removal, Mold Inspector Laboratory International, Ltd, an international-based environmental products and services company, recommends the use of the multi-enzyme based product MoldZyme Mold and Mildew Stain Cleaner.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: [b]COURT RULES AGAINST NESTLE WATERS: Nestle Contract to Profit from Historic Mill Town Water, Down the

2005-04-01 | The Superior Court ruling on March 21, 2005 confirms the belief of many McCloud citizens that Nestle and the McCloud Service District were negligent and in violation of state

How to Do Low-Cost Mold Sample Collection and Mold Laboratory Identification of Mold Species

2005-03-14 | The accurate identification of mold species requires two steps: (1) physical collection of mold samples from the moldy building; and (2) mold laboratory analysis of the collected mold samples.

Streamed Greens Offer Food for Thought

2005-02-11 | Big Picture TV is a new website that broadcasts free video clips of world leaders in environmental sustainability.

DangerBusters Recommends 25 Steps for Effective Toxic Mold Removal, Remediation, and Abatement

2005-01-24 | For effective toxic mold removal and remediation, homeowners, landlords, other property owners, and employers follow 25 steps to kill, remove, and prevent toxic mold.

Envirosurf Announces "Toxic Mold Prevention Month" for January, 2005

2004-12-27 | Homeowners, renters, and workers can post the "Ten Toxic Mold Prevention Tips for both Home and Work" on bulletin boards or give to landlords and job supervisors.

Envirosurfâ„¢ Suggests Ten 2005 New Year's Environmental Health Resolutions for Home and Work

2004-12-12 | Resolve and do one or more of these 2005 New Year's Resolutions at home and at work to reduce environmental health risks.

New Environmental Innovation Targeting Global Warming through Reducing Refrigerant Emissions.-------

2004-11-16 | New device aimed at drastically reducing Refrigerant emissions from Home, commercial and Auto cooling sytems is in the works.