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My Manufactured English, A Poetry Collection for Gems - Multi-faceted and Brillant

2005-05-21 | Mikaylah Simone is a rising new poet whose simple, yet visceral, style brings poetry back to its basics as a social art through her affirmation of cultural identity and personal redemption.

May is National Mental Health Month - But There is Something Terribly Wrong with the System

2005-05-20 | Depression is not a disease and everyone can recover from it. But it will take breaking away from the medical system.

Author Publishes Two Books Within One Month.

2005-05-15 | Publishing two books, one poetry and one prose, within the same month is a feat accomplished during April, 2005 by Harry E. Gilleland, Jr. The first book is entitled Gilleland Poetry: Storoems and Poems. The second book is a novella entitled Bob the Dragon Slayer.

"The Burden of Proof"

2005-05-15 | Stanley R. Siler, CEO of StanTheMan, Inc. Appeared in court Pro se, otherwise without the aid of an attorney, appearing by Self Representation at Marion County Court Annex, 4000 Aumsville Hwy., SE * Salem, OR 97301, May 9, 2005.


2005-05-15 | Katie Giguere follows up her critically acclaimed debut CD "Bringin' Me Hope" with a compelling new book, "Being the Fat Girl" about her battle with weight and low self-esteem, and how she overcame them to become a highly praised CCM recording artist.

Allbooks Reviews chosen one of 101 Best Websites for Writers for the second year in a row.

2005-05-13 | Allbooks Reviews has once again reached the top of the Media Resources genre in the Writer's Digest, 101 Best Websites for Writers.

Finally, a Biography of the Most Popular First Lady Ever

2005-05-01 | It took over 100 years after her death, but the first extensive biography of the most admired woman in America and the first to be called "First Lady" has been released.

Fifteen Reasons to Write Your Family History

2005-04-19 | "A family history can be more valuable than people realize - both for writers and for their descendants. Not only will a family history preserve precious memories for future generations, but also at least fourteen other benefits may be gained from writing your story," says author Lillie Ammann.

A PUBLISHING SCANDAL INVOLVING RANDOM HOUSE AND COPYRIGHT CLEARANCE CENTER, INC. A fair use/permission overcharge scheme. Also an excellent primer for journalists on fair use/permissions law.

2005-04-13 | Shawn Thorton has written a 2,500 word article about the fair use/permissions scheme and offers the whole article or the right to simply extract the facts from that article to all journalists at no charge. See the press release for details.

CPR with a toilet plunger

2005-03-31 | Plenty of funny medical stories are featured in "The Humor of Healing: An Amusing History of American Medicine," a new book by Dr. Donald A. Johnson.


2005-03-22 | IN DEFENSE OF THE CHRIST: WHY JESUS WOULD DISOWN CHRISTIANITY by Shawn Patrick Thornton, published in January 2005, provides historical data in support of The Da Vinci Code's characterization of Jesus Christ

Antonio's Quest for Peace - The Friends of Peace Press Release

2005-03-22 | Antonio's Quest for Peace - The Friends of Peace, is an attempt to share some of his idea about Peace of Mind to any human being who is hungry for Peace.

Grizzly Bookz Publishing editor, Rick Magers announces the release of an historical fiction novel, A Call to Faith and Freedom by Shirley A. Roe.

2005-03-18 | This is the second historical fiction by this author who is quickly receiving international acclaim. Based in sixth century Scotland, the novel is a story of love, jealousy, treachery and war but also of faith and a closeness to nature.

Scattered Souls, The Anticipated Continuation Of The Epic Tale By T.C. McMullen Is Released.

2005-03-16 | Ravyn is no typical woman. Immune to pain, fierce with inner strength, there is little that unsettles her.

Atlanta Woman Uses Feminine Intuition and Testosterone-Free Selling Skills to Save Her Life

2005-03-16 | How did one young woman influence a desperate Atlanta escapee and alleged murderer and rapist to surrender peacefully? Why was the 26 year-old widowed-mom able to accomplish that brute force couldn't accomplish?

Spring Cleaning Brings More Than Dust Bunnies to Light

2005-03-04 | It is that time of year again to shake out the couch covers, sweep out the dirt, and let in the fresh spring air. Barbara Marjanovic does just this as the characters in her latest collection of short stories and poems discover more than just dust bunnies in their attic while spring-cleaning.

Martha Angus is featured in Diane Dorran Saeks San Francisco Style published by Chronicle Books.

2005-03-04 | San Francisco style offers a unique insider's look at the interiors of the city by the bay.

Versatile Talent Voices African-American Folktales

2005-02-12 | The classic book of African-American folktales

"Brother Ray" the Latest Project for Voiceover Expert

2005-02-12 | Brother Ray: Ray Charles' Own Story is the latest in a string of notable narration