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Discount Watch Announces the New Line-up of 2008 Citizen Watches

2008-03-07 | Discount Watch, the leading online provider of discount quality watches, has added new models of the 2008 Citizen Watch line to their online inventory.

New All-Natural Bamboo Powder Soap Provides Women with Rich Lather, Nourishing Minerals, Gentle Exfoliation with Absolutely Zero Chemicals

2008-03-05 | The new bamboo bar soap for women called "Little Lathers" contains absolutely no synthetic chemicals, preservatives, parabens, phthalates, petroleum products, artificial dyes, FD&C colorants, EDTA, TEA, DEA, synthetic fragrance oils, triclosan, sodium laurel or laureth sulfates.

NEW Miracle Charms by Zorbitz a Hit with Celebrities- Sundance and Oscar Events

2008-03-02 | A hot trend was born when celebrities went crazy for New Miracle Charms by Zorbitz. Miracle Charms offer a beautiful, fashionable style filled with meaning and luck which perfectly personifies the Zorbitz' women and men.

Night Sweat Pajamas from Haralee.Com Wicking pajamas and nightgowns for women experiencing night sweats due to menopause, breast cancer treatments, or high internal thermostat. Cool garments for Hot Women. Made in the USA for women by women.Our garments help you get a good night sleep.

2008-03-01 | Haralee.Com sleepwear is made from moisture wicking fabrics. These wonderful fabrics transport the moisture from your body to the fabric where it quickly evaporates. This means you stay dry and comfortable as you sleep. No longer waking up hot then cold. A good night sleep can be yours!

Fresh and Contemporary - The Hot New Trends and Cool Tips for Window Treatments in 2008

2008-02-20 | announced the hot new trends in drapes and curtains for 2008 are a departure from the "traditional" looks that dominated 2007, with an emphasis on bold fabrics, some wild designs (zebra stripes!) - and colors focusing on consumers' expressive personal style and individuality.

Bella Golf Wear sets new standard in ladies golf apparel

2008-02-14 | If you desire to look stylish not only on the fairways but everywhere and everyday, then visit Bella Golf Wear.

Wedding Paper Divas Unveils Latest Trends for 2008 Wedding Season

2008-02-14 | With approximately 30 percent of all engagements happening between Christmas and Valentine's Day, Wedding Paper Divas, the preferred online destination for premium wedding stationery, today announced the top wedding trends for 2008.

Make Me A Supermodel Reality Show TownHouse Discovered and Added to Rich & Famous Tour of New York

2008-02-12 | Rich & Famous Tours has discovered the secret location of the New York City townhouse used on the current Bravo reality show Make Me A Supermodel and has added it to the "insider's" tour of Big Apple "celebrity" sites. The highly rated reality show is hosted by Nikki Taylor and Tyson Beckford.

Rich & Famous Tours Criticized by Blogger Colliding Continents for Capitalizing on Actor Ledger's Death Location

2008-02-08 | New York's Rich & Famous Tours have come under fire from the blogging community today. A blogger from Washington D.C. has criticized its "speedy capitalization" on Hollywood star Heath Ledger's death by immediately putting the death location into the tour route.

Heath Ledger Death Location Added to the Rich & Famous Tour of Downtown New York; SoHo Loft Has Become Major "Macabre" Tourist Attraction in Landmarked Neighborhood of Big Apple

2008-02-05 | Heath Ledger's death site ahas been added to the Rich & Famous Tour of New York. The downtown loft in the trendy SoHo neighborhood has attracted fans and curiousity seekers from around the world. Other celebs nearby are Kelly Ripa, Meg Ryan, Leonardo DiCaprio and Drew Barrymore.

Capitol Records Uses Mozes to Include Fans in the SAOSIN CD/DVD Release 'Come Close'

2008-01-25 | Capitol Records recording artist Saosin wants their fans to be part of history when they release their DVD/CD Come Close on March 11, 2008. The Come Close to SAOSIN Contest is a fan's chance to get their name included in the credits of the booklet included in their upcoming Saosin Live DVD/CD.

Wild About Australia Zoo's Bindi Irwin

2008-01-25 | Wild Republic will debut a range of products inspired by Australia Zoo's Bindi Irwin at the 2008 International Toy Fair in New York, February 17-20.

Rich & Famous Tours of NYC Reveals Strange Bedfellows: Imus, Armani and Regrave All Reside In Same Westside Luxury Building

2008-01-14 | Rich & Famous Tours reveals that designer Giorgio Armani, actress Vanessa Redgrave, and disgraced "shock-jock" radio star Imus all live in the same "white-glove" apartment house on Manhattan's Upper Westside.

Millionaire Collector Invites Rich & Famous Tourists Into New York City Penthouse for Surprise Peek at Kennedy Memorabilia

2008-01-13 | Jim Dykes specially designed a unique Rich & Famous Tour around the Big Apple with a twist: viewing sites having to do with the late Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Dykes then called a wealthy collector friend to view his Kennedy memorabilia collection.

"Canonization" of the N-word

2008-01-08 | Through their use of the word, African Americans permit use of the n-word by others. In this same regard, African Americans have no place to be upset with others using the term, nor should they become angry when they find themselves being slighted or disrespected by others.


2007-12-17 | Laptop Totes and Sleeves in Custom Designed Prints For Work or Weekend

Plastic Surgery Meets High Fashion: The Rodeo Drive Couture Breast Augmentation

2007-12-12 | Blending plastic surgery with sophisticated fashion, the only plastic surgery center on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills has developed a customized approach to breast augmentation. The overall result both matches a woman's body and creates the an improved shape for wearing stylish clothing.

Eileen Carey a Proven Winner for Tennessee T-Cakes

2007-11-30 | Tennessee T-Cake Addition Wins Vocalist of the Year from South Bay Music Awards

Danielle Hannigan has joined GemStyle, the hottest new direct sales Jewelry Company featuring jewelry designs from trendy to must have basics, all at affordable prices

2007-11-20 | GemStyle Consultants cater to fashion-conscious women who crave the latest jewelry designs and enjoy shopping in a relaxed in-home setting.