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Marquis Who's Who Honors Greg Morrison for Expertise in Legal Services

2024-06-13 | Greg Morrison is honored for excellence in family law as the president of the Morrison Law Firm

CCHR: Celebrating 35 Years of Fighting for Mental Health Human Rights

2024-06-12 | Winner of 9 awards for their work to protect mental health human rights, CCHR began the Florida movement to restore rights and dignity to the field of mental health in 1977 and today counts thousands of members across the state.

Marquis Who's Who Honors Lydia K. Hanson, Esq., for Expertise in Personal Injury Law

2024-06-12 | Lydia K. Hanson, Esq., is honored for her work as an associate attorney at The Spence Law Firm LLC

Anthony H. Jackson, CPP, CPD, CCPS, Celebrated for 50 Years in the Field of Law Enforcement

2024-06-12 | Anthony H. Jackson, CPP, CPD, CCPS, career has seen him rise from Cleveland area police officer to president of Solutions on Safety Inc.

Margaret A. Kwawer, JD, Recognized as a Leader in Compliance and Legal Excellence

2024-06-12 | Margaret A. Kwawer, JD, honored for nearly three decades of experience in the legal and financial sectors

Empowering Attorneys: Immigration Court Mentor Launches to Elevate Courtroom Advocacy

2024-06-11 | Former ICE Prosecutors and Judges Unite to Provide Expert Guidance in Navigating Complex Proceedings


2024-06-11 | Acclaimed artist Jeff Robb has created a revolutionary three-dimensional portrait of the iconic hip-hop legend, Dr. Dre.

Marquis Who's Who Honors Robert "Bob" H. Martin, JD, for Expertise in Law, Coaching, Education, and Authorship

2024-06-11 | Robert "Bob" Martin, JD, MSW, is lauded as a trial attorney, certified meditation teacher and happiness coach.

Marquis Who's Who Honors Gina-marie Lindell for Expertise in Law Enforcement

2024-06-11 | Gina-marie Lindell is honored for her contributions to public service

Marquis Who's Who Honors Eric "Rick" S. Rein, Esq., for Expertise in Law and Litigation

2024-06-11 | Eric "Rick" S. Rein, Esq., is lauded for more than 40 years of legal expertise in complex litigation

Marquis Who's Who Honors Mike R. Galli, Esq., for Expertise in Legal Services

2024-06-10 | Mike R. Galli, Esq., is noted for over four decades upholding the law as a prominent attorney

Marquis Who's Who Honors Daniel Kim for Expertise in Law and Litigation

2024-06-10 | Daniel Kim is honored for his distinguished tenure as a private practice attorney

James D. Menser, PhD, Featured in Marquis Who's Who Millennium Magazine

2024-06-07 | Dr. James D. Menser earns prominent placement in Millennium Magazine's Thirteenth Edition

RISE, FRA, ARK achieve ISO 20121 certification for event sustainability

2024-06-06 | ISO 20121 is the global standard for sustainable event management and demonstrates commitment to social responsibility and responsible event management.

When Do Start-ups or Small Businesses Need to Hire a Lawyer?

2024-06-06 | Seeking legal advice early on prevents costly mistakes and provides proactive protection for start-ups or small businesses.

Avon Theatre and Barco to Bring Laser-Powered Cinema to Moviegoers at the Deborah & Chuck Royce Cinema Arts Center

2024-06-06 | The Avon Theatre - Deborah & Chuck Royce Cinema Arts Center, a renowned cultural institution, is thrilled to announce a new deal with Barco, the global leader in laser cinema technology, aimed at enhancing the cinematic experience of its audiences

Keith L. Jones, CPA Announces Exclusive Sponsorship of Tax Mob 2024 Cocktail Party

2024-06-06 | Tax Expert Keith L. Jones, CPA to Sponsor Cocktail Party at Premier Tax Resolution Conference

Nicole M. Harris Celebrated for Dedication to the Field of Law

2024-06-06 | Nicole M. Harris has a proven track record of success across a myriad of industry sectors related to legal services

Marquis Who's Who Honors J. Eric Wise for Expertise in Bankruptcy Restructuring and Finance

2024-06-06 | J. Eric Wise is recognized for his distinguished tenure in financial restructuring and reorganization law

Class Lawsuit Alleges Cigna Discriminates by Excluding Obesity Drugs

2024-06-05 | Nation's First Lawsuit Asserting that the Affordable Care Act Forbids Exclusion of Obesity Treatment