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Connecticut Press Club Announces 2021 Communications Contest

2022-01-13 | Annual Competition Has 61 Writing, Editing and Visual Art Categories and is Open to Connecticut-based Media Professionals

Epic Female Western "Vengeance Turns" Split Into Two Volumes

2022-01-12 | Writer/Director Robert Christopher Smith Gives His Story Double-Coverage at Film Festivals in 2022

12th Annual Ditka Jaws Cigars With The Stars

2022-01-12 | Proceeds Benefit Jaws Youth Playbook & Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund is a Memorial Web Portal

2022-01-12 | It serves as a monumental ground for heartfelt people who have lost their loved ones. An online memorial community that grows stronger together!

Multiracial Actress Naiya Singh Padilla lands 3rd NBA Lane Feature, "Imagine," honouring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

2022-01-11 | "The time is always right to do right," Dr. King is shown, while Naiya, Juliet, Dax, Kyrie and Mateo are watching Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speak on the television. In a call to action, Wade closes saying, "imagine all that power … "

Respage Welcomes Chief Revenue Officer Bob Clouser

2022-01-11 | Respage, the leading multifamily provider of AI leasing solutions, today announced a new addition to their leadership team with the appointment of Bob Clouser as Chief Revenue Officer.

DownTown Mystic Rocks In The 21st Century

2022-01-11 | Roots Rocker Reboots Rock 'n Roll.

Ventana Research Publishes 2022 Market Agenda for Technology in Business

2022-01-10 | Comprehensive agenda digitally enables organizations to become more resilient through use of technology

Spilling The Beans On What Western Men Want

2022-01-06 | New International dating survey exposes current challenges and insights

AcceleRoute Patent Portfolio Extended to Achieve Virtually Unlimited Scale for Data Centers

2022-01-06 | AcceleRoute is a broad patent portfolio with over 700 claims for evolving data center networks for scale and absolute minimum latency.

Poets&Quants™ Ranks the Top MBA Programs in the United States

2022-01-05 | Business school news hub ranks the top 100 graduate business programs in the U.S. based on admissions standards, academic experience & employment outcomes

JUICE Welcomes New Account Director Ryan Jones

2022-01-04 | A Digital Marketer for Over 20 Years, Ryan Brings Additional Senior-Level Support to the JUICE Team.

True Serenity Tea LLC Rings In New Year Amazon Style

2022-01-03 | True Serenity Tea LLC gears up for Amazon Subscription Boxes and Talk Shop Live, where they will host their own shopping channel that will include surprise celebrity guests.

Tech Innovation Global Incorporated recipient of "2021 Corporate Excellence Awards" to launch platform app in 2022

2022-01-02 | Global managing partner Tech Innovation Global Incorporated, "2021 Corporate Excellence Awards" UK, Europe, India, Africa, and Global

KeepStreams Releases Multiple Streaming Service as a Leading Video Utility Software on December of 2021 to Save Videos from Streaming Platforms

2021-12-31 | KeepStreams supports high-resolution video downloading features from multiple platforms including Netflix. Users will be able to watch videos of major streaming platforms offline such as Netflix, Disney and HBO

Bible Seminar on "What Jesus Told is Achieved in Today's World"

2021-12-31 | Amid a global decline in the religious population, a clear explanation of the Bible has drawn more than 140,000 believers to the church and the attention of millions.

CDP Tech Tweeters For All Blockchain And Fintech Content Solutions

2021-12-29 | A one-stop agency for full range of content development solutions in blockchain and fintech

His Inspired and Courageous Leadership and Faith Changed South Africa and the World - The Voice of Equality & Justice is at Peace; It's impact Still Coming to Life in U.S. Schools

2021-12-28 | "He had just helped bring down Apartheid with Nelson Mandela, when I first met Nobel Prize Winner, Archbishop Desmond Tutu in 1994."

ProScala Foundation Starts Fundraising for its Podcasting Endeavor: ProScala Podcasts

2021-12-27 | The focus is Scala programming and giving a helping hand for Java developers to make a career shift toward that language as it is familiar means of programming for newcomers to the Functional paradigm