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Charter Private Jet in 30 Seconds and Pay with Bitcoin. TapJets Inc. the Worlds First Private Jet Instant Booking Platform Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

2017-07-28 | The ultimate luxury of private jet travel now can be purchased with the most secure and private crypto-currency. Bitcoin is accepted for all flights on TapJets instant booking platform.

AsicBoost Project Discovers New Method to Shortcut Blockchain Mining

2016-04-21 | Licensees of the technology now leap ahead of competition in the $500m market for Bitcoin mining

Broker Comparison Site Announces Plans to Launch World's First 'Dogerage'

2016-04-01 | BrokerNotes, a website that has helped over 45,000 traders find a suitable brokerage, has announced plans to launch the world's first 'dogerage', a brokerage focused on trading the popular dog meme-themed cryptocurrency, Dogecoin.

Futuristic Technology of Harmonic Waves for Your Personal Benefits

2015-07-29 | is a pioneering undertaking that introduces a new line of affordable products operating in zero-point energy field.

Bitcoin Looks to Have Promising Future for Big Businesses and Startups

2015-04-02 | The future of crypto-currency looks promising as big businesses and government seek to take it mainstream, in hopes of securing more users.

New Bytecent Cryptocurrency is the First to Offer Several Groundbreaking Features

2014-12-11 | Bytecent innovations include uniquely intuitive ease-of-use, broad and fast market penetration, and robust security with Proof of Miner technology.

Techstars Invests in Swarm Incubator via Cryptoequity

2014-11-13 | Swarm's First-Ever Decentralized Demo Day Sees Five Unique Startups Launched Simultaneously

New Bytecent Cryptocurrency Offers Innovative Proof of Miner Technology in Addition to an Unprecedented Merchant Initiative

2014-11-07 | Innovative features, quick transactions, and global merchant access, fuel the attractiveness of Bytecent.

Ehsminer: 1Gh/s Asic Scrypt(N) Miner Wolf V1, Development Updates & Preorders

2014-09-02 | First of all, thank you for your patience and we appreciate it since, it has been a while that we updated you with our news.

CryptoCurrency Debut in Sci-Fi Genre Book Release. Revolution High Book 1: AEMPCoin also uses 'Decentralized Editing' with a 7mBTC Bounty per error found in the limited 'Bounty Edit' edition

2014-07-20 | Revolution High Book 1: AEMPCoin is a work of fiction that primarily targets a new and growing market of 'cryptojunkies.' This market crave all things 'cryptocurrency' and AEMPCoin serves up a fine delivery of CryptoCurrency Fiction. Announces NXT Cryptocurrency Integration

2014-07-19 | Instant cryptocurrency exchanges integrates NXT cryptocurrency, transactions to all payment systems are supported.

Ehsminer Introduces 1024MH/s Low-cost Litecoin and Vertcoin ASIC Mining Solutions.

2014-07-09 | Fench cryptocurrency mining hardware developer EhsMiner has announced that its FPGA prototype to mine all cryptocurrency based on the Scrypt and Scrypt-N Algorithms is in its final phase of development and will be ready by end of July 2014.

A Stronger 2014 for Forex Trading with

2014-02-06 | 2013 proved to be a great year for both Secure Investment and its client investors. The company experienced a growth of 281.34% for its annual profits in 2013.