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Marquis Who's Who Honors Josephine Tamayo Murray, MSW, for Expertise in the Nonprofit Sector

2024-05-31 | Josephine Tamayo Murray, MSW, is noted for her distinguished tenure in social justice and community development

Marquis Who's Who Honors Jean Gardner, MA, for Expertise in the Environment and Ecology

2024-05-31 | Jean Gardner, MA, recognized as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of

Marquis Who's Who Honors Lucretia V. Holden, MA, for Expertise in Non-Profit Management

2024-05-30 | Lucretia V. Holden, MA, honored for her commitment to raising Alzheimer's awareness.

Matthew Wetherbee Celebrated for Dedication to the Nonprofit Industry

2024-05-29 | Matthew H. Wetherbee manages a $250,000 annual budget and fundraising events as the president of MW Fund

Marquis Who's Who Honors John Van Dusen Lewis, PhD, for Expertise in Agriculture and Sustainable Development Practices

2024-05-29 | John Van Dusen Lewis, PhD, is lauded as a senior advisor at PHYLA earth

Sarasota AC Repair, Replacement and Installation Pros at ACS Home Services Donate Air Conditioner to Local Family

2024-05-26 | Sarasota AC Repair, replacement and installation contractors at ACS Home Services donated a brand new Air Conditioner to a local family worth $5000

The Urban Cyclist's Conundrum: Evaluating Bodywel T16 vs. DYU D3F for City Riding

2024-05-26 | A Detailed Comparison of Bodywel T16 and DYU D3F Electric Bikes for City Commuters

Marquis Who's Who Honors Jocelyn A. Whitfield, MBA for Championing Youth Development and Parental Engagement

2024-05-24 | Jocelyn A. Whitfield, MBA, is honored for her work at The Center for Creative Life and Learning Inc.

UNCF TO HONOR EIGHT AT "A MIND IS…" GALA, JUNE 15 Seeks to raise $1 million for college scholarships

2024-05-24 | Through events like this, UNCF—now in its 80th year—is changing the HBCU narrative across the nation by helping more students get to and through college

Terésa R. Hebert Inducted into the Prestigious Marquis Who's Who Biographical Registry

2024-05-23 | Terésa Hebert leverages her military leadership and diverse business acumen as a local councilwoman

Winkler Lowy Foundation, Led by Janine Lowy, Donates to Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles

2024-05-23 | The Winkler Lowy Foundation has contributed to the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles to help support its mission to uplift the Los Angeles Jewish community.

Marquis Who's Who Honors Thomas M. Andersen for Expertise in Financial Planning

2024-05-23 | Thomas M. Andersen is being honored by Marquis Who's Who

CHOICE Humanitarian Appoints Heather Hammond Cruz as New CEO

2024-05-23 | The Board of Directors is pleased to announce Cruz as the new CEO beginning later this month.

CCHR: Protecting Mental Health Human Rights in Florida for 35 Years

2024-05-22 | Starting out as a simple volunteer activity in 1977, CCHR Florida is an award-winning nonprofit dedicated to the protection of children and families from abuses in the field of mental health.

Marquis Who's Who Honors Dr. Desiree Del-Zio for Expertise in Consulting Services

2024-05-21 | Dr. Desiree Del-Zio is noted for her dedication to servant leadership and community service

Michael J. Donohoe Celebrated for Dedication to the Field of Environmental Awareness

2024-05-21 | Michael Donohoe lends years of expertise to his work with Preparedness Plus

Marquis Who's Who Honors Mikhail Y. Paltsyn, PhD, for Expertise in Environmental Consulting

2024-05-20 | Mikhail Y. Paltsyn, PhD, serves as an international consultant for the United Nations Development Programme and United Nations Environment Programme

Green Time Over Screen Time

2024-05-17 | John Willson, Executive Director of SOAR, explains how time outdoors calms hyperactivity, impulsivity, and distraction so young people with ADHD can learn to focus and succeed

Marquis Who's Who Honors Leonard C. Mankowski, MS, for Expertise in Geology

2024-05-17 | Leonard C. Mankowski, MS, honored for excellence in the field of environmental consulting