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March Madness: How to Trigger a Q1 Mini-Reset for Your Business

2022-03-14 | Global business educator Catherine Mattiske shares three quick growth mindset steps to refocus, reinvigorate, and reignite your 2022 business plans.

Top Real Estate Coach Jeremy Williams Helps Clients Soar in Both Business and Life - Coaching Customized to the Specific Needs of the Client

2022-03-11 | Avoid "coaching in a box" by hiring Real Estate Coach Jeremy Williams, Owner and Head Coach of Red Hawk Coaching. Providing customized coaching to the specific needs of his clients since 2010.

Multiple Lineages with a Singular Vision: Award-winning Author Suzanne Courtney Weaves An Epic Narrative in Her New Book 'Child of Many'

2022-03-11 | Suzanne Gene Courtney, esteemed author, educator and grief coach, has released her seventh book, titled Child of Many. This new one is a deeper exploration of life, death and the space in between.

Hey Carter! Books Announces Launch of New Book Fros, Braids, Fades & Waves On National Haircut Day

2022-03-11 | A Celebration of Hairstyles that bring Black Boys joy!

"Unlock Inner Genius" Shows How to Integrate the 5 Senses to Supercharge Our Communication

2022-03-10 | In her new book, global business educator Catherine Mattiske shares how to tap into others' learning preferences, build rapport with them, and engage them on a deeper level.

Transitional Ministry Leader's First Book Becomes An Instant Best Seller!

2022-03-04 | Pastor Jacquelyn M. Ragin Launches Her New Book "Stepping In: The Art Of Leading A Church Through Transition"

High Conflict Divorce Consultant's Book Becomes An Instant Best Seller!

2022-03-04 | Alana Sharps Launched Her New Book "Was it My Fault?: An Abuse Survivor's Story and Guide for Navigating Narcissistic Red Flags"

During March Madness, Top Motivational Speaker Rocky Romanella Revisits His Interview With Coach John Wooden and Discusses His Book About Leadership, John Wooden's Pyramid Of Success

2022-03-03 | Romanella's best-selling book, Tighten The Lug Nuts, was recently ranked #1 in Business Leadership and Business Management. Rocky is a former CEO with over 40 years of experience and has recently developed a new podcast The Leadership Library Podcast

Which of These 6 Learning Power-Ups Do You Have?

2022-02-28 | Global business educator Catherine Mattiske, author of "Unlock Your Inner Genius," explains the inherent abilities we each possess that, when tapped, boost our ability to learn

6 Tips to Bring Your Hybrid Meetings to the Next Level

2022-02-23 | Global business educator Catherine Mattiske, author of "Unlock Your Inner Genius," explains how to bridge the gap between virtual and in-person participants for optimum communication and productivity

Build Your Resilience, Be Change Proof

2022-02-22 | Best-selling author, keynote speaker, and resilience researcher Adam Markel inspires leaders to surf the wave of uncertainty in his new book "Change Proof: Leveraging the Power of Uncertainty to Build Long-Term Resilience."

Angelscapes with Nancy Smith Is Helping People Discover How to Listen to Their Souls

2022-02-22 | Nancy Smith is trained in the Spiritualist tradition and helps people know and understand themselves.

7 Tips for Writing Spellbinding Emails, Proposals, and Reports

2022-02-21 | Global business educator Catherine Mattiske, author of "Unlock Your Inner Genius," offers pointers for supercharged communication

With People Flocking Corporate America to Become Entrepreneurs, Best-Selling Author Jeremy Williams Provides the Success Blueprint in His Book Survive Scale Soar

2022-02-20 | Survive Scale Soar provides a road map for those seeking freedom gained through entrepreneurship with key strategies developed through personal experiences and the experiences of others that have achieved success.

Battle Warrior Entrepreneur and the Voice of the Popular Podcast 'The Battle Warrior Podcast" releases a new book tackling the worldwide issues with Addiction

2022-02-17 | Chad M. Smith releases a new book; offers a groundbreaking guide to sobriety, positive recovery story, and life-changing tools to end addiction for good.

Inner Genius: The Key to Unlocking Team Productivity

2022-02-16 | Inner Genius online tool suite and book provide the blueprint for teams to optimize communication and productivity

A Celebration of Strong Leading Ladies in This Limited Time Book Collection

2022-02-15 | A collection of 14 highly recommended books with strong female lead characters available February 15th through February 28, 2022.

Business Leader's First Book Becomes An Instant Best Seller!

2022-02-14 | Mauj Price Launches Her New Book "Believing for More: Infinite Possibilities Await You: The "secret" guide to help you unlock your unlimited potential through goal setting"

Book of Books: Eastern and Western Thought, Transcendentalism Subject of New Book that Examines Global Spiritual Traditions through Rare Books, Manuscripts and Historical Artifacts

2022-02-08 | James Mathew and Kent Bicknell's Book of Books: Pearls from the Meandering Stream of Time that Runs across Continents is a collection of literary delights, drawing on philosophies and writings from both East and West.