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Wemade Heralds Special MIR4 Global New Year's Event

2021-12-14 | The global 2022 New Year's event starts on December 14th.

Openprise Ranks #1 in Customer Satisfaction for Enterprise Attribution Category in G2 Winter 2022 Grid Reports

2021-12-14 | 96% of Customers Award the Openprise RevOps Automation Platform a 5-Star Rating

Radixweb Made it to the Clutch Global 1000 - A Legacy of Excellence

2021-12-14 | Radixweb, a world leader in custom software development and tech-fuelled business transformation, has made it to the Clutch Global 1000.  

[Korea Contactless Service] Intelligent Contact-Free Evaluation System

2021-12-10 | Prevention of cheating by test takers without supervision of field exams online.

[Korea Contactless Technology] Safe Touch Display for Contact-free Devices

2021-12-10 | Prevent infectious diseases through elevators with contact-free space touch technology

[Korea Contactless Technology] AI-based Autonomous Driving Robot Establishment of Quarantine Facility Goods Transport Service

2021-12-10 | Control monitoring service to prevent infection and contamination by minimizing interpersonal contact

[Korea Contactless Technology] Kids Home Training Platform using Global Popular Character IP

2021-12-10 | A contact-free home training service for infants and toddlers that combines deep learning and augmented reality technologies.

[Korea Contactless Technology] Development of a Drive-Through-Based Realistic Content Experience Platform,

2021-12-10 | a theater system where you can experience realistic content with motion simulators

[Korea Contactless Technology] Development of a Rehabilitation Program Tailored to Patients with VR Childhood Cerebral Palsy

2021-12-10 | Providing effective customized treatment programs and presenting a new treatment paradigm.

Korea, a 5G Powerhouse, Leads the Contact-free Economy and Market

2021-12-10 | - The average annual growth of 13.5% in the contact-free market in Korea is expected to be 292 trillion won in 2023. - Non-face-to-face service that opens a new daily life for the people.

Ruby-Spears Jack Kirby Art Collection Revealed For The First Time

2021-12-09 | Oversized Artwork To Be Offered At Auction By

StreamFab Further Perfected Its HBO Max Downloader in the New StreamFab Release

2021-12-09 | In a minor update of ver. released Thursday, StreamFab mainly fixes a download issue that occurred in its HBO Downloader module in the previous version. The new version comes out with some other fixes and improvements.

[Pangyo Tech] GBSA is Building a Pangyo Test-Bed for AI

2021-12-09 | The test-bed project will enable AI firms in Pangyo Techno Valley to easily use Gyeonggi-do's infrastructure in the area for proving and testing their new products and services.

[Pangyo Invest] Kakao Group Acquired Grip Company with 180 Billion Won

2021-12-09 | Grip Company CEO Kim, Hanna said, "We decided to work with Kakao group to make global no.1 service." She added, "We will realize our vision of the world where everyone can sell by working with Kakao."

[Pangyo Event] NHN to hold a Tech Conference "NHN FORWARD" Online

2021-12-09 | NHN FORWARD which marks the fourth anniversary this year is a forum in which business divisions within NHN share their major technologies and experience with developers around the world under the slogan "Small Steps Big Difference."

Aptude Named a 2021 Best of Georgia® Winner

2021-12-08 | Aptude is honored to be named one of 2021's Best of Georgia® winners in the "Computers & I.T. Firms" category

Assessment Systems Partners with Sumadi to Revolutionize AI-Based Online Assessment for Education and Employment

2021-12-08 | Two of the leading companies in EdTech AI join forces to provide a comprehensive solution for online testing and exams

'T1' Kickstarter Launch on December

2021-12-06 | T-1 The All-Inclusive Immersive Gaming Earset for E-Sports

nuMedia Innovations Partners with Penta Consulting to Deliver PRSONAS™ Digital Workforce Solutions across the UK and EMEA Region

2021-12-06 | The partnership between nuMedia Innovations and Penta Consulting will enable clients across EMEA and the UK to access PRSONAS™ Self-Service Digital Workforce software solutions to a variety of industries