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Gregg Simpson Joins Westrom Software as Regional Sales Manager to Further Grow the Sales and Customer Satisfaction of the Company's Quickbooks Compatible Service Business Software

2015-08-04 | Gregg Simpson joins Westrom Software as Regional Sales Manager to further grow sales and customer satisfaction

Comprehensive Freelance Work Guide Released to Help People To Transition To The Freelance Economy

2015-08-04 | With the launch of Freelance Work Guide website authored by John Cosstick, new freelancers all over the world were more readily able to find the direction they needed to transition to the global freelance economy. Now, the Amazon Kindle eBook is here

Fiona Davis Recognized by Worldwide Branding for Excellence in Educational Consulting

2015-08-03 | Ms. Davis has more than three decades of experience covering a wide range of industries including government, education and military

Credico UK Investigates How TV Advertising is Changing

2015-08-03 | The way people view TV has changed drastically in the last few years and as a result there has been a major impact in television advertising. Credico UK, field marketing specialists, investigate how TV advertising is changing.

MJ Experia Marketing Hosts Talk on Setting Standards

2015-08-03 | Birmingham-based sales and marketing firm, MJ Experia Marketing recently held a workshop for their firm on setting standards and how to stick to those standards.

Streamline Promotions Outlines How to Keep Customer Experience in Tune

2015-08-03 | Streamline Promotions, a successful outsourced sales and direct marketing firm, shares their tips on how to maintain a friendly customer experience.

Sleep Deprivation Dents Work Productivity Claims AusCorp Connect

2015-08-03 | According to a recent study, 75 per cent of workers feel tired most days. AusCorp Connect discusses how sleep deprivation can heavily impact work productivity, and claims more effort should be made to implement a healthier work/life balance.

Zing Events Announces Claire Crompton as New Account Manager

2015-08-02 | London based corporate events agency Zing Events has announced the acquisition of a new account manager, Claire Crompton, this month.

The Overture Group Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary

2015-08-02 | The Overture Group specializes in assisting clients find the right executive to fill key roles in finance, accounting, human resources, operations and technology.

The Fleet Management Experts at Glesby Marks Launch Their New Website

2015-08-01 | Glesby Marks offers the most advanced fleet management and fleet leasing solutions for its clients in Houston, Texas, Denver, Colorado, Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon.

The Houston Business Coach Experts at Cornerstone Business Coaching Announce the Launch of Their New Website

2015-08-01 | They offer the elite solutions your company needs to succeed in todays highly competitive marketplace.

Women Business Leaders Benefit from Credit Education Services provided by Crednology Holdings Corporation and TheIWLA

2015-08-01 | August 1, 2015 marks the two year anniversary of this partnership between the two companies.

EMIE Marketing Review How Entrepreneurs Have the Power to Change the Future of the US

2015-07-31 | Sales and marketing firm, EMIE Marketing from Orlando, Florida outline how entrepreneurial non-linear thinking is driving innovation in the US and how this has the power to change America, far more than the government ever could.

McKenzie Holland MD Joe Parrish Implements Productivity Strategy

2015-07-31 | Since returning from a networking trip in the US, Joe Parrish of McKenzie Holland has implemented a rapid growth strategy which revolves around improving productivity.

IJU Teams Up With NYC!

2015-07-31 | Experience, it makes all the difference.

20-Year-Old Fashion Philanthropist Brings Girl Power on Wheels to Underprivileged Teens

2015-07-31 | Allyson Ahlstrom's Threads for Teens Embarks on Third Cross-Country Tour August 8

Forty-Two Young Leaders were Inducted into The 13th Man at the Inaugural Summer Classic where Entrepreneur E. Davon Kelly Announced a Matching Savings Program for Participants

2015-07-30 | E. Davon Kelly kicked off nonprofit, the 13th Man, at a leadership development event (July 22-25). Sixteen business men and women shared their wisdom with the 42 participants, including financial responsibility, deportment and conflict resolution.

Mariana Ruiz Honored for Excellence in Project Management

2015-07-30 | Mariana Ruiz has been named a VIP Member of Worldwide Branding

F-1 Enterprise Expands to Downtown Manhattan

2015-07-30 | Sales and marketing firm, F-1 Enterprise have expanded into Downtown Manhattan in order to drive their recruitment and learn new leadership skills.

Myth Buster: Meraki Rose Outlines Key Observations for Success

2015-07-30 | The road to success can often be long and winding. Meraki Rose, direct sales and marketing specialists have revealed 6 areas of business that can determine success or failure