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10000 total news stories found. announces record sales and a brand new free singing competition.

2007-03-26 | Starting April 16, 2007 a new online music contest is aiming to discover the next big musical bombs, putting the future of tomorrow's stars in the hands of the fans.This is Cyberspace at its best.

New Tips On How To Find Voice Over Work Online

2007-03-25 | Voice123 offers tips on how to send remarks and comments when applying for voice over jobs.

New Voiceover Acting Webinars at

2007-03-24 | Voice123 continues leading the way for online voice over seminars, trainings, and workshops.

Most Popular Microphones in Voice Over Acting

2007-03-23 | Voice123 reveals stats for what are the preferred microphones used by professional voiceover talents.

Online Voiceover Marketplace Shifts Talents Preferences

2007-03-22 | Voice over professionals are moving to online marketplaces as an alternative to voice over agents.

Professional Spokespeople Now Available At

2007-03-21 | Search for and hire a professional spokesperson through the largest online voice over talent marketplace.

Free Product Give Away helps launch Instant Guitarist

2007-03-16 | Instant Guitarist is gaining momentum after giving away one of their signature products, Instant Guitarist Starter Pack (RRP $17.99), It includes 4 online lessons and the chance to learn one of today's most versatile songs, Green Day - Time of Your Life. The response has been phenomenal...

New Talent for Voice Over Recordings in French

2007-03-16 | Now search for and hire voiceover performers and voice producers for projects in French at

Most Demanded Voice Ages in Voiceovers

2007-03-15 | Voice123 presents stats of what voice ages are voice talent seekers needing for their projects.

Voice123 Offers Advice and Instruction On Voiceover Talent Coaching

2007-03-14 | The online voiceover marketplace explains the benefits of voice over coaching and provides valuable guidance.

A New Partnership in Art & Wine in Philadelphia

2007-03-08 | The Walnut Street Theatre teams up with the Wine School of Philadelphia for "Wine at the Walnut"

Voiceover Talent for Recordings in Spanish on

2007-03-04 | Searching for and hiring voice over actors and producers for projects in Spanish has become a quick and easy task.

Voice123 Publishes Tips To Protect Voiceover Demos Using Watermarks

2007-03-03 | Tips on how professional voiceover artist can protect their voice demos using watermarks.

Voice123 Updates Guide to Voice Over Rates

2007-03-02 | The online voice over marketplace recently updated its proposed rate guide for voice over work.

Voice123 Now Offers Fully Produced Video Game Voiceovers

2007-02-21 | Voice123 voice talents now offer complete voiceover production for video game voice over recordings.

Voice123 ( Becomes The Tool For Hiring Foreign Voice Actors

2007-02-18 | Voice123 now features voice actors from many different countries and languages.

Voice123 Makes A Hit With Voice Over Acting Industry Webinars

2007-02-18 | The online seminars for voice over talents make Voice123 a valuable and pioneering service.

Voice123 Reveals Most Popular Voice Over Recordings

2007-02-15 | Voice123 presents stats for what types of projects are voice talent seekers needing voices.

Antoinette Montague cover featured on Jazz Improv's New York Jazz Guide! Upcoming Dates Sunday, February 11 Jazz Vespers at St. Peter's Church and Tuesday, Feb. 27 Jazz @ NYC's Bahá'í Center

2007-02-07 | Antoinette has made the cover of Jazz Improv's New York Jazz Guide! An in-depth interview follows inside. Go here to read the entire interview

Comedians can now access new online website which helps showcase comic talents

2007-02-07 | For aspiring comedians, a visit to could help launch them into the international comedy scene and join the talented Canadian comedians who have blazed the trail.