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Hand-Stamped, Keepsake Jewelry Drives Growth at The Vintage Pearl

2012-12-19 | Custom jeweler quadruples studio space, adds another retail location as national sales increase.

The 401(k) Solution: Start-Up Funding You Didn't Know You Had

2012-12-19 | The client came to Financial Consultant Diane Rosenkrantz with a big vision: he wanted to start a DVDNow Kiosks business with nine or ten automated movie rental machines. The total cost, including inventory, was in excess of $200,000.

Aussie Welcomes Commonwealth Bank of Australia's Increased Investment

2012-12-19 | Executive Chairman and Founder John Symond today agreed for the Commonwealth Bank (CBA) to increase its shareholding to 80 percent, by acquiring a further 47 per cent.

Nicaragua Tourism Continues to Grow

2012-12-19 | Nicaragua is on track to record double-digit growth in tourism visits this year, considerably higher than the original 6.5 percent growth projected at the beginning of the year, according to Tourism Minister Mario Salinas.

Michael Tyson's Bankruptcy Gave Him a New Start, States Tampa Bankruptcy Law Firm Clark & Washington

2012-12-19 | Bankruptcy couldn't stop a world-class professional boxer, Mike Tyson, and it won't stop you either. With help from Clark & Washington, Tampa resident can get a new start after bankruptcy.

Atlanta Bankruptcy Lawyers, Clark & Washington, Address Harry Truman's Bankruptcy Filing

2012-12-19 | The law firm is stressing the importance of debt management to residents of Atlanta. The case of President Harry Truman's bankruptcy filing is a key one to illustrate in this regard.

Spending Too Much this Holiday Season Can Lead to Bankruptcy, Notes Chattanooga Bankruptcy Attorneys

2012-12-19 | Clark & Washington warn Chattanooga shoppers to spend wisely this holiday season, to avoid financial troubles and possible bankruptcy.

La Dominion Acquisitions Ltd: Optimised Mobile Websites Important for Business

2012-12-19 | The British are the most productive online shopping nation in the world according to a new survey by Ofcom; however only just over a third of the top 100 advertisers seem to have optimised mobile websites (IAB).

The Berkeley Group: the UK's No.1 Sustainable Builders - Building for Future Generations

2012-12-19 | Berkeley Group has been named as the UK's most sustainable home builder, ahead of Crest Nicholson and Miller Holmes in second and third place.

Kirk Wickersham's FSBO System Foundation Gives Back to Victims of Super Storm Sandy

2012-12-19 | FSBO System Foundation has donated money to religion and politics neutral organizations. Its recent contributions to the victims of Sandy are not the first time the foundation has offered monetary aid to natural disaster sufferers.

IRS Problems? Tax Results Celebrates Great Reviews in 2012

2012-12-18 | Tax Results enrolled agents provide resolution to client tax problems.

SJD Accountancy Announced as Finalists in the 2013 UK Customer Satisfaction Awards

2012-12-18 | SJD are shortlisted in the 'Customer Commitment' category, which in 2011 they were finalists for and won.

Life Wasn't Always a Circus for PT Barnum, Who Had to File for Bankruptcy, Notes Tampa Bankruptcy Firm Clark & Washington

2012-12-18 | P.T. Barnum was a true show and business man, but he found himself in financial troubles frequently. So, Barnum was never deterred by these troubles and carried on, much like you can, with the help of Tampa bankruptcy firm, Clark & Washington.

Atlanta Bankruptcy Attorneys, Clark & Washington, Address Gary Coleman's Bankruptcy

2012-12-18 | A series of costly medical troubles and recurring legal battles with his adoptive parents led Gary Coleman to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 1999. Clark & Washington addresses some applicable lessons to take away from his case.

Roe Taroff Taitz and Portman Warns Small Business Owners to Be Careful Not to Take Secrets to the Grave

2012-12-18 | Long Island law firm says too many small business owners keep passwords, account numbers and contacts to themselves until it's too late; proper estate planning is key for small business owners.

Women-Owned Businesses Succeeding in a Tough Economy - Local Brokerage Goes National

2012-12-16 | In this economy women may have an advantage as demonstrated by Traci Perry of Spectrum Properties. With a combination of determination, innovation and a nurturing style, she has taken her company from local to national in just two years.

Authentic Cuba Travel Announces Its Roster of Cuba Tours for 2013

2012-12-15 | With about 40 escorted tours to the Caribbean island announced for 2013, Authentic Cuba Travel has one of the best compilations of escorted Cuba Tours available today to North American travelers.

Prompt Proofing Blog Post: Marketing Tips - Christmas/New Year Marketing

2012-12-14 | The sending of good wishes and greetings during this season is an accepted tradition in most western countries and corporate giving can be a huge factor in marketing at this time of year.

EYES IN Magazine Releases Issue 14 of Their Award-Winning Publication

2012-12-14 | Recently winning the Eddie and Ozzie Bronze Award for "Best Consumer App" for their EYES IN mobile app in the Apple iTunes Store, EYES IN Corp. announces the release of issue 14 of their monthly digital publication - EYES IN Magazine.

Aussie Drops Its Variable Rate by 20 Basis Points

2012-12-14 | Aussie has dropped variable rates by 0.20% with discounted rates starting from 5.49% (comparison rate 5.50%) on the Aussie Select Basic home loan and from 5.59% (comparison rate 5.60%) on its Aussie Optimiser Basic home loan.