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Flexible Lifeline Systems Provide Innovative Fall Protection Systems For Above Ground Storage Tanks

2009-08-20 | Flexible Lifeline Systems, Inc. today announced the recent completion of the design and installation of passive fall protection systems on Shell's above ground storage tanks in Pasadena, TX.

Toxco Inc. is Awarded 9.5 Million from DOE to Support U.S. Lithium Battery Recycling

2009-08-14 | Toxco Inc., is pleased to announce that it has been awarded 9.5 million dollars from the Department of Energy to expand their current battery recycling operations in Lancaster, Ohio.

Energy Prices Tumble as Online Price War Hots Up

2009-08-07 | Household energy prices are set to tumble again as E.ON launches a new online energy plan.

Did You Know Most Environmental Awards Are Not Made With Environmentally Friendly Materials?

2009-08-07 | The amazing thing is most environmental awards given today are not made of environmentally friendly products. The presenters are not doing it intentionally, but it happens all the time. A little education can overcome the problem

31 Million Brits Switch to Supermarket Brands

2009-08-05 | New research from reveals that 31 million (73%) shoppers are taking matters into their own hands by opting for supermarket own brand labels in a bid to save money on the weekly shop.

WorkBoat Environmental Awards Open Nominations to Honor Innovative Maritime Businesses and Government Agencies; Application Deadline is September 14, 2009, Awards during International WorkBoat Show

2009-08-01 | Nominations are being accepted for the Second Annual WorkBoat Environmental Awards, which recognize businesses and government agencies operating in the U.S. maritime industry that have successfully incorporated environmentally sustainable practices.

Further Price Cuts To Come As British Gas Reports Increase In Residential Profits?

2009-08-01 | Centrica's results today reveal that while overall profits have fallen, British Gas residential has reported a significant uplift in profits as a result of falling wholesale prices.

Are You 'Qualified' to Understand Your Energy Bills?

2009-07-29 | Consumers urged to take the Energy Bill Challenge and to sign an e-Petition to make energy bills simpler, clearer and easier for all to understand.

Business Consultant Saving Michigan Businesses 10 to 35% on Electricity

2009-07-28 | A Michigan-based business consultant is using Michigan's energy deregulation to lower electric bills for businesses without contracts and without switching providers.

EDF In Bid To Become Britain's Cheapest Energy Supplier

2009-07-24 | EDF Energy has today launched a new online energy plan that will cost households GBP983 a year on average - undercutting British Gas' online plan by GBP35

Skylights Can Provide Natural Ventilation As Well As Light From Above

2009-07-10 | Homeowners striving to conserve energy and save money due to the ever-rising cost of fuel for heating and cooling may risk going too far for their own good.

Skylight Benefits Outweigh Fears

2009-07-10 | Skylights can be energy efficient while providing light and ventilation

Designing The Well-Lit Home

2009-07-10 | Skylights provide natural light from above plus passive ventilation

Easy Natural Lighting Upgrade Offers Homeowners Triple Benefit

2009-07-10 | Replacing inefficient plastic bubble skylights is quick and inexpensive

Decorating With Natural Light In Your Home

2009-07-10 | Light From Above Adds Style While Benefiting Young And Old

Homeowners Breathe Easier With Modern Skylights

2009-07-10 | An Efficient Method To Bring Natural Light And Ventilation Into The Home

A Third of all Workers use Redundancy to Start a Business

2009-07-09 | Britain could be about to see a boom in new business start-ups as redundancy rates grow, according to, the dedicated SME comparison and switching service.

LEED Building Maintenance & Management Firm GreenEfficient is Taking a Stance on Green Building Compliance

2009-07-02 | GreenEfficient, a well-known LEED building maintenance and management firm with 12 US offices, has long been a business dedicated to changing the way business owners look at sustainable green building operation & maintenance practices.

Baffling Utility Bills Leave Consumers Confused, Bemused And Definitely Not Amused

2009-06-30 | Nobody likes household bills, but new research shows consumers have good reason to dread utility bills more than others.

Over 25 Morso Cast-Iron Stoves Already Qualified for Tax Credit

2009-06-27 | The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, with renewable energy provisions that allows the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) to be accessible to bio-mass burning stoves, is a welcomed initiative for Danish cast-iron wood stove manufacturer Morso.