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IV Sedation Allows Patients to Remain Alert, Helpful During Surgery

2009-09-18 | Unlike the Frieberg method of childbirth, IV sedation is a twilight sleep that allows more interaction between patient and surgeon, and can improve recovery time.

Arbour Group Introduces a Financial Verification Package

2009-09-04 | Arbour Group announces a Financial Verification Package (FVP) that assures proper controls are in place for effective corporate financial governance.

Shortage of Lupus Patients Challenges Growing Number of Clinical Studies, Lupus Foundation of America Addresses Issue by Educating Patients about Participation in Clinical Trials

2009-09-03 | Drug companies increasingly find it difficult to recruit enough eligible lupus patients to participate in their clinical trials. The LFA will conduct a live web chat to provide patients the information they need to make an informed decision.

Global Vision Technologies Launches a New Website ClinicalPURSUIT, Flexible & Scalable Patient Registry Software

2009-08-30 | "The need for solid clinical data is imperative. We're proud of our technology and helping organizations to cut medical research timelines in half, and provide them with actionable information when they need it most," said George Ritacco, at GVT.

SinoFresh Healthcare Products, Inc., Names Dr. Michael Stampar D.O. and Dr. Cathy Criss D.O. as Senior Medical Advisors to Management

2009-08-12 | SinoFresh Healthcare Products, Inc. today named Dr. Michael Stampar, D.O. and Dr. Cathy Criss, D.O. to their corporate team as Senior Medical Advisors.

20 percent of Americans and Australians Subject To Medical, Medication, or Laboratory Errors - Commonwealth Study

2009-08-11 | Evidence of patient safety risks and their impact on patients continues to emerge, both in hospitals and community settings.

Patient Safety Research in USA and Australia Finds 20% of Patients Report Errors in their Care

2009-08-08 | Twenty percent of Australians and 20% of Americans self report that a medical, medication or laboratory error was made in their treatment of care over the last two years. The study covered seven countries.

Exploria SPS and introduce first Closed Loop Managed Markets Solution for Pharma/Life Sciences

2009-08-05 | Exploria SPS and Doctor Evidence, announce introduction of a fully integrated, closed loop managed markets application that allows payors, providers, and pharmaceutical manufacturer's to search, share, present, and track comparative efficacy data

FDA Orders Baxter to Stop Advertising TISSEEL as Superior to Other Hemostatic Products

2009-07-29 | The warning further stated that Baxter's Presentation and Brochure included claims suggesting that the FDA approval of TISEEL was for a broader indication that it had actually intended.

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Caused by Several Different Drugs

2009-07-25 | Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) is a condition that causes cell death and the separation of the epidermis (skin) to separate from the dermis.

SinoFresh Healthcare Products, Inc. Introduces New 10 Unit Retail Counter Display Pack For SinoFresh Homeopathic Nasal Spray

2009-07-24 | SinoFresh Healthcare Products, Inc., announced today the introduction of a convenient 10 Unit retail counter display pack for its novel, patented SinoFresh Homeopathic Nasal Spray. The new 10 Unit pack is available for immediate distribution.

Cardax Pharmaceuticals Nominates Clinical Candidate Heptax for Liver Disease; Heptax Ameliorates Inflammation and Oxidative Stress Related to Liver Disease and Metabolic Syndrome

2009-07-20 | Heptax, the Company's lead compound, reduces cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, liver enzymes, and fasting blood glucose levels in animal models of metabolic syndrome and liver disease. It also raised levels of HDL, the "good cholesterol."

New Report: Brazil Able to Compete in Medical Innovation

2009-07-18 | Report outlines Brazil's progress in drug and medical innovation policy

Norwich Pharmaceuticals Announces Alliance with Emerson Resources

2009-07-14 | Norwich Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a perennial industry leader in contract manufacturing and packaging, has announced the formation of a strategic alliance with Emerson Resources, Inc.

New E-commerce Site Established For SinoFresh Homeopathic Nasal Spray

2009-07-12 | SinoFresh Healthcare Products, Inc. announced today that the Company has launched a new Internet E-Commerce website and affiliate operation,, for sales and distribution of Sinofresh Homeopathic Antiseptic Nasal Spray.

PhageVax Inc Creates (Proposed) Effective Single-dose Vaccine for Novel H1N1 Virus - Commonly Known as the Swine Flu & Now Reported in more than 70 Countries Worldwide

2009-07-04 | A US based company has developed a new vaccine production method to combat infectious diseases now seen on a global scale - including the novel H1N1 virus and no-less deadly H5N1 avian flu - in a fraction of the time used by conventional methods.

Norwich Announces Potent Compound Development Capability

2009-06-11 | Norwich Pharmaceuticals, Inc., an industry leader in contract manufacturing and packaging, is now offering comprehensive services toward the development of high-potency compounds in solid, semi-solid, and liquid dosage forms.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance Adds New CHIP, Medicaid Feature on Web Site

2009-06-10 | The new features will help America's uninsured access information about Medicaid and CHIP

Charlene E. McSwain Honored for Excellence in Pharmaceutical and Educational Research

2009-06-04 | Veteran Researcher Monitors Studies on New Drugs

How Dangerous Is Hydroxycut?

2009-05-30 | In addition to liver damage, the FDA determined that a number of serious illnesses have been associated with Hydroxycut use, including cardiovascular injury, seizures, and severe muscle damage known as rhabdomyolysis.