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Microfilm Scanning: How Much Microfilm is Still Out There?

2024-06-13 | Vancouver, BC – transforming microfilm to digital to safeguard records—scanning services in Vancouver.

Marquis Who's Who Honors Kathy S. Carlson, CFDE, CQDE, for Expertise in Forensic Science

2024-06-11 | Kathy S. Carlson, CFDE, CQDE, is a leading figure in the field of forensic document examination

Cathy L. Cather Recognized for Significant Contributions to Health Care Innovation

2024-06-11 | Cathy L. Cather serves as chief executive officer for Parallel Profile

Fatima El-Hindi Recognized for Pioneering Education Initiatives and Interfaith Dialogue

2024-06-11 | Fatima El-Hindi honored for innovative work in consciousness development through comparative explorations of the Qur'an and quantum physics

Skin, Bones, Hearts & Private Parts Hosts Pensacola Beach, Florida CME Conference in Primary and Specialty Care Settings

2024-06-10 | Continuing Medical Education for Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Registered Nurses & Physicians

Marquis Who's Who Honors Candace M. Childers, MBA, for Expertise in Medical Device Manufacturing

2024-06-07 | Candace M. Childers, MBA, is recognized for her success as a general manager at Alcon

Triflo Cardiovascular Announces the Presentation of Clinical Outcomes of the First Tricuspid Valve Regurgitation Patients Treated in Italy with the Tricuspid Flow Optimizer

2024-06-06 | Prof. Gian Paolo Ussia of the Campus Bio-Medico University Rome to present successful 9-month outcomes data at the 2024 New York Valves – The Structural Heart Summit conference

Become part of a movement to accelerate a cure for multiple myeloma!

2024-06-05 | Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation® Walk/Run

End-to-End 8K and 4K Gear Create Harmonious Open Ecosystems Ahead of InfoComm 2024

2024-06-05 | BZBGEAR's complete line of pro AV and broadcasting solutions is ready to take over North America's premier pro AV event.

Inventor Says AI Is Ideal Partner For Developing Flexible Shape Digitizing Sensors For Soft and Continuum Robotics

2024-06-04 | describes how flex actuated overlapping bistable domes can be used to create unique flexible sensors that translate flexural forces caused by bending into digital patterns that AI can use to monitor shape and changing shape.

Marquis Who's Who Honors Monika L. Sheldon-London, MBA, for Expertise in Research and Development and Entrepreneurship

2024-05-31 | Monika L. Sheldon-London, MBA, is recognized for her success as the founder of AlphaFTS

Marquis Who's Who Honors Djikolngar Maouyo, Ph.D, for Leadership in Biotechnology

2024-05-29 | Dr. Djikolngar Maouyo is managing director and president of PyroDex, LLC

Cynthia Marie Galloway, PhD Celebrated for Dedication to the Field of Education

2024-05-29 | Dr. Cynthia Galloway lends years of expertise to her work with Texas A&M University

Marquis Who's Who Honors Gargi Adhikari for Expertise in Special Education and Science

2024-05-29 | Gargi Adhikari is honored for her extensive accomplishments as a teacher of students with disabilities and her accomplishments in the field of science

Robert Singer, MD, FACS, Celebrates a Career in Plastic Surgery

2024-05-28 | Robert Singer, MD, FACS, has advocated for plastic surgery safety for over four decades

Randy D. White, PhD Celebrated for Dedication to the Field of Toxicology

2024-05-23 | Dr. Randy White channels years of expertise into his work with PreClinTox Services

Marquis Who's Who Honors Rebecca Welch May for Expertise in Medical Solutions and Manufacturing

2024-05-22 | Rebecca Welch May is recognized for her work as the vice president of quality compliance at ARCH Medical Solutions

Marquis Who's Who Honors Shailee Rasania, MPH, MS, MBA, CCRP, for Expertise in Clinical Research

2024-05-20 | Shailee Rasania, MPH, MS, MBA, CCRP, celebrated for medical device innovation and capability with clinical trials

Nicholas Lehn Celebrated for Dedication to the Fields of Behavioral and Data Science

2024-05-17 | Nicholas Lehn channels years of expertise to his work supporting U.S. Government clients with Accenture Federal Services

Marquis Who's Who Honors Leonard C. Mankowski, MS, for Expertise in Geology

2024-05-17 | Leonard C. Mankowski, MS, honored for excellence in the field of environmental consulting