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A New Hope for People Experiencing Brain Fog, Memory Loss & Cognitive Decline

2022-01-19 | Infinite Functional Healing, an integrative functional medicine and health coaching practice has developed a new and exciting protocol for people experiencing memory loss, brain fog, and cognitive decline.

Psychologist Premiers NBP, Trademarked Method to Heal the Effects of Traumatic Experiences

2022-01-18 | Clinical Psychiatrist Dr. Michiyo Ambrosius' offers first training in Neuro Bi-lateral Processing, her groundbreaking treatment to resolve long-term effects of traumatic experiences

Lois M. McClurg, LCSW, LMSW, has been Inducted into the Prestigious Marquis Who's Who Biographical Registry

2022-01-18 | Ms. McClurg is recognized for her devotion to her career as a social worker

Mediforum Chosen as a Partner in Overcoming Dementia and Alzheimer's by the Dementia Relief Center of Gunpo City

2022-01-13 | Mediforum, a leading dementia and Alzheimer's treatment R&D company, was chosen by the city of Gunpo's Dementia Relief Center as a partner in developing treatments and providing relief to individuals suffering from Alzheimer's dementia.

Amy L. Green Recognized by Marquis Who's Who for Excellence in Mental Health Counseling

2022-01-13 | Ms. Green has found success as the chief executive officer of a mental health counseling center

Invisible Stress, Best-Selling Book By Dr. Sylvia LaFair, Is The Perfect Antidote To The 2022 Holiday Blues

2022-01-06 | Sylvia Lafair is the founder of Creative Energy Options (CEOinc), a global business consulting firm and the world's leading authority in Pattern Breakthrough Leadership Development, a Top Global Leadership Guru, and a best-selling author.

How To Discover Joy In 2022 - Suggestions For Creating Joy Every Day In The New Year Offered By Louise Pistole, Bestselling Author Of Discover Your Joy

2022-01-01 | Pistole is a best-selling author, blogger, coach and motivational speaker who describes herself as a "joy-fanatic". Her bestseller, 'Discover Your Joy' will be available in e-book format at reduced pricing through January 7, 2022

VentureIsrael Invests in Israeli Startup NeuroBrave, a Software Platform for Analyzing Neural Biomarkers and Insights

2021-12-28 | NeuroBrave's operating system aims to save money and drastically shorten any neuroscience venture's time to market by automatically extracting and analyzing the desired biomarker.

Robin Mason, LMFT, Recognized for Excellence in Counseling Services

2021-12-22 | As a talented therapist, Ms. Mason takes pride in helping others.

Lokette W. Myrick Recognized by Marquis Who's Who for Excellence in Counseling

2021-12-21 | Ms. Myrick has served her community assisting those affected by domestic violence and mental illness

Mediforum Myungminwon Treatment's Efficacy Verified in an Alzheimer's Patient Case Report

2021-12-20 | Mediforum's Myungminwon was shown to reverse the effects of cognitive decline in a patient suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Improvements were seen in various clinical examinations, including MMSE, CERAD, ADL, NPI, HAM-D and dementia rating scales.

Mend Health Launches Pilot Program for New, Integrated Approach to Managing Chronic Pain

2021-12-18 | Program combines six elements to take on physical, emotional, mental toll of persistent pain

Can a Web Series Save Lives? The Closing Chapter of "Special in God's Eyes" Aims To Do Just That, Reverend Richard Klingeisen Raises the Bar Yet Again

2021-12-15 | Richard Klingeisen is a pastor and educator at St. Mary Parish of Reedsville, Wisconsin and St. Michael Parish, of Whitelaw, Wisconsin. He is currently rolling out the season two premiere of his innovative, celebrated online series, A Life of Giving.

How To Overcome Holiday Stress - Sylvia LaFair, Author Of Invisible Stress, Best Selling Book On Stress, Shows Us How To Beat The Holiday Blues

2021-12-15 | Sylvia Lafair is the founder of Creative Energy Options (CEOinc), a global business consulting firm and the world's leading authority in Pattern Breakthrough Leadership Development, a Top Global Leadership Guru, and a best-selling author.

Los Angeles Therapy Network, A Care Hotline That Connects People With Licensed Therapists

2021-12-15 | Taking the guess work out of mental health treatment, LA Therapy Network connects those seeking mental healthcare with resources, information, and mental health treatment.

[Korea Contactless Technology] Demonstration of a Smart Mental Care Service Model For Integrated Community-Hospital Management

2021-12-10 | Customized cognitive rehabilitation and sensory VR contents for the elderly with mild cognitive impairment.

[Korea Contactless Technology] Development of a Rehabilitation Program Tailored to Patients with VR Childhood Cerebral Palsy

2021-12-10 | Providing effective customized treatment programs and presenting a new treatment paradigm.

[Korea Contactless Technology] VR Provision System for the Treatment of Traffic Accident PTSD

2021-12-10 | VR digital treatment device for life-related self-care services