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Winkler Lowy Foundation, Under Leadership of Janine Winkler Lowy, Supports High-Impact Scholarship Program for Ethiopian Israeli College Students

2024-06-22 | The Winkler Lowy Foundation supports the "Israel at Heart" program at Reichman University.

Why Every Shipyard Must Have Fire Watch for Safe Shipbuilding

2024-06-21 | The Vital Role of Fire Watch in Shipbuilding

Columbia-Snake River System Stakeholders to Explore Midwest Collaboration, Establish Relationships on Upcoming Mississippi River Tour

2024-06-21 | Our organization is looking forward to this opportunity to forge new partnerships and learn from the maritime sector along the Mississippi River

Cell Over Satellite Responds to Recent Massachusetts 911 Outages with Advanced Emergency Solutions

2024-06-21 | Addressing 911 Failures: Cell Over Satellite Highlights the Importance of Backup Communication Systems or Business Continuity as a Service

Alexandre Muns, PhD, Recognized for Excellence in Economics Education and International Affairs

2024-06-21 | Dr. Muns is an author, contributor to media and adjunct professor at the EAE Business School

Marquis Who's Who Honors Dr. Tasia L. Cerezo for Expertise in Nonprofit Management

2024-06-21 | Dr. Tasia L. Cerezo recognized for more than 10 years in the nonprofit sector

Deborah Strebel Pierce Celebrated for Dedication to the Field of Law Enforcement

2024-06-21 | Deborah Pierce channels years of expertise into her work with the Consortium for Women Leaders in Public Service

CHEER and AI Brainstorm Creator Induce Classic Hero's Quests through Globally Shared Online Exploits

2024-06-21 | Members increase fundamental well-being through intense daily doses of Awe, Gratitude, Laughter, Brainstorming, and Swarm Intelligence

Rooted Radiance & Luxe Jewelry Opens Doors In Georgetown

2024-06-20 | Hill Country Salon Suites Expands Its List of Tenants with Coloring Stylist

Local Doctors Receive Recognition for Helping Victims of Violence and Crimes

2024-06-20 | And They Are Using Their Moment As A Call to Action

Paul J. Eisenberg Celebrated for Expertise in Project Development and Management

2024-06-20 | Paul J. Eisenberg serves as a principal and Sec-Treas at Trequanda Holding Company, TVH and a principal and the Sole Administrator of Castello Cacciaconti Impresa Sociale, S.R.L. (CCIS)

Elizabeth A. Baker Celebrated for Dedication to the Field of Education

2024-06-20 | Elizabeth Baker channels years of expertise into her work with the Texas Education Agency

Michelle Frazier Trotman Scott Recognized by Marquis Who's Who

2024-06-20 | Dr. Michelle Frazier Trotman Scott, a transformative leadership and education professional, helps leaders ensure their approaches are effective and inclusive so they can drive optimal results, increase retention, and maintain work-life integration.

Marquis Who's Who Honors Donald L. Huizenga for Expertise in Manufacturing, Logistics, and Supply Chain

2024-06-20 | Donald L. Huizenga is lauded for his expertise in consulting as a managing principal at Deacon Associates

Salvador Cano Inducted into the Prestigious Marquis Who's Who Biographical Registry

2024-06-20 | Salvador Cano is recognized as a visionary entrepreneur and leader in the logistics industry

Marquis Who's Who Honors Kristina Keiko McGaha for Expertise in Non-Profit Organization Leadership

2024-06-20 | Kristina Keiko McGaha is a respected expert in educational initiatives and corporate training

US SIF announces 2024 Peter DeSimone Student Scholarship recipients

2024-06-20 | Students to be recognized at 12th annual US SIF FORUM conference

Bestselling Author Jody Sharpe Discusses Animal Rescue And Bullying On Angel Inspirations

2024-06-20 | As a former teacher of special needs children, Sharpe has direct experience regarding the effect bullying has on children. Her award-winning, bestselling books help readers find hope, inspiration and gratitude.

Falah Al-Hadid (A.K.A. Harold J. Botley) Honored for Five Decades of Service in Human Capital Development and Strategic Planning

2024-06-19 | Falah Al-Hadid (A.K.A. Harold J. Botley) has been recognized for his contributions and leadership in human capital development, strategic planning, and equitable resource distribution