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The Silent Guardians: Why Your Data Center's Safety Hinges on Security Guards

2024-06-21 | The Crucial Role of Security Guards in Data Centers

Surefire Group Empowers Real Estate Brokers Nationwide with Integrated Mortgage and Title Solutions

2024-06-21 | Surefire Group Builds Mortgage & Title Companies for Real Estate Brokers and Builders

Why Every Shipyard Must Have Fire Watch for Safe Shipbuilding

2024-06-21 | The Vital Role of Fire Watch in Shipbuilding

Barbie A. Maier has been Inducted into the Prestigious Marquis Who's Who Biographical Registry

2024-06-21 | Barbie A. Maier, a devoted certified nursing assistant, founded Central Texas Serenity Caregivers LLC

Marquis Who's Who Honors Tracy Zaiss for Expertise in Education and Marketing

2024-06-21 | Tracy Zaiss is honored for excellence in international education and business strategy

Marquis Who's Who Honors Danute Debney Shaw, JD, for Expertise in Decision Strategy and Law

2024-06-21 | Danute Debney Shaw, JD, serves as managing director/consultant at CelaPhontus LLC

Marquis Who's Who Honors Carol Silver-Elliott for Expertise in Health Care Administration

2024-06-21 | Carol Silver-Elliott is honored for her dedication to the elderly in her leadership role with The Jewish Home Family

Marquis Who's Who Honors Jason R. Sanders for Expertise in the Electrical Contracting Industry

2024-06-21 | Jason R. Sanders is honored for his success in entrepreneurship as the owner of Total Power Electrical Services LLC

Marquis Who's Who Honors Andrew S. O'Donnell, MBA, for Expertise in Operational Leadership

2024-06-21 | Andrew S. O'Donnell, MBA, serves as the Vice President of Service, Support and Education for Francis Energy LLC

Marquis Who's Who Honors Frances Kilgallen McNierney, MBA, for Expertise in Business Strategy and Planning

2024-06-21 | Frances Kilgallen McNierney, MBA, is lauded for her work as an associate director at Moderna

Marquis Who's Who Honors Frank W. Banta Jr. for Expertise in Liquid Bulk Transportation

2024-06-21 | Frank W. Banta Jr. is recognized for his distinguished tenure as the managing owner of Chem Carriers LLC

Marquis Who's Who Honors Stephanie Stamford for Excellence in the Executive Search Sector

2024-06-21 | Stephanie Stamford is recognized for her success as the co-owner and chief financial officer of Vitus Search Group

Marquis Who's Who Honors Patricia B. Gioia-Bilski for Expertise in Taxation and Entrepreneurship

2024-06-21 | Patricia B. Gioia-Bilski is honored for her expertise in comprehensive tax solutions

Marquis Who's Who Honors Richard A. Hurley for Expertise in Music Education and Entrepreneurship

2024-06-21 | Richard A. Hurley is lauded for his work in music education as the owner of Hurley Piano

Marquis Who's Who Honors Dr. Tasia L. Cerezo for Expertise in Nonprofit Management

2024-06-21 | Dr. Tasia L. Cerezo recognized for more than 10 years in the nonprofit sector

Deborah Strebel Pierce Celebrated for Dedication to the Field of Law Enforcement

2024-06-21 | Deborah Pierce channels years of expertise into her work with the Consortium for Women Leaders in Public Service

Attorney Scott Faultless Receives ITLA President's Award

2024-06-21 | The recent honor marks the third time the ITLA has recognized Faultless with the award.

Albert Mbanfu Inducted into the Prestigious Marquis Who's Who Biographical Registry

2024-06-21 | Dr. Albert Mbanfu is celebrated for his impactful leadership, leading with compassion in his community-minded work

Marquis Who's Who Honors Jenna Williams for Expertise in Financial Services

2024-06-21 | Jenna Williams serves as a vice president at Heritage Bank of Commerce