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STL Partners unveils its latest sustainability scorecard update for 2023

2023-03-22 | STL Partners unveils updated Sustainability Scorecard featuring new criteria and companies: Assessing telecoms & adjacent sectors, promoting cross-industry collaboration, and addressing scope 3 emissions challenges.

Taher Farkhondeh Celebrated for Dedication to the Field of Engineering

2023-03-21 | Taher Farkhondeh channels years of expertise into his work with Verizon

Tyrone L. Thomas Jr. Celebrated for Dedication to the Field of Consulting

2023-03-16 | Tyrone Thomas Jr. channels years of expertise to his work with Schooley Mitchell

Transgender People on Translr Find Equal and Friendly Connections Instead of Being Seen As Fetish

2023-03-15 | Translr, starting in 2018, has been one of the most famous trans dating apps in the United States which gathers 1M users now. It stops its users from seeing trans adults as fetishes since the release of the original version.

NewNet announces Secure Transaction Cloud (STC) Payment Solution on Google Cloud Marketplace with Google Cloud HSM

2023-03-14 | Secure Transaction Cloud (STC) launched with Google Cloud HSM on Google Cloud Marketplace

Warren Glen Hioki has been Inducted into the Prestigious Marquis Who's Who Biographical Registry

2023-03-13 | Dr. Warren Glen Hioki is recognized for his dedicated career as a professor and administrator with the College of Southern Nevada's School of Advanced and Applied Technologies

THNDR Releases New Bitcoin Game with Competitive Play and Announces Gaming Graph on Nostr

2023-03-09 | THNDR Games released Bitcoin Blocks, a Tetris-meets-Sudoku style puzzle game along with the Gaming Graph, a new badging and reputation system for gaming.

FLEXSOLAR A60 Pro: Revolutionary Design of Portable Solar Panel

2023-03-09 | FLEXSOLAR introduces the THINNEST & LIGHTEST solar panel On-The-Go

Join GD for a Webinar Introducing CAREpoint 3

2023-03-03 | Webinar attendees can expect to walk away with a better understanding of how CAREpoint 3 connects EMS and ED teams, allowing them to provide Simply Seamless Patient Care.

What is the biggest difference in Apple Smartphones vs. Android Phones

2023-03-01 | Apple phones and Android phones are two of the most popular types of smartphones available in the market.

Innago Earns G2's 2023 Best Software Awards for Fastest Growing Company

2023-02-28 | Innago is the highest ranked property management software by G2 for overall rating and ease of use.

FreeCast Celebrates Black History Month, Launches BLKChannels Bundle

2023-02-27 | The new free channel bundle highlights African American content creations and stories.

The Fix: A Convenient and Reliable Repair Solution for Samsung Repairs

2023-02-23 | The Fix, a leading repair company, has repair services for all Samsung devices. The Fix provides customers with a fast, convenient, and affordable solution for repairing their devices quickly and efficiently.

STL Partners' Top 2023 Edge Computing Companies Highlight Growth Potential

2023-02-17 | STL Partners announces launch of top 2023 edge computing companies list, including financial milestones and practical edge applications.

Zentro Announces Andy Schnack as Vice President of Sales

2023-02-15 | Chicago-based Internet Service Provider welcomes decorated telecommunications professional to head growing sales organization.

Dean Johnson Recognized by Marquis Who's Who for Excellence in UX Visual Design Leadership

2023-02-15 | Dean Johnson celebrates more than 15 years as a UX visual designer and team leader

Industry Leading Network & Security Providers Merge to Form K Group Companies

2023-02-14 | K Group Companies merger helps fill industry gap

Cloud-based Call Centre platform, TCN, Launches New EU Head Office as Part of Global Expansion

2023-02-14 | TCN's European head office was officially opened this week in Bucharest, Romania, to provide support to the EU and UK