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Madam President The Secret Presidency of Edith Wilson Describes Jill and Joe Biden

2024-07-11 | First book to Claim Edith Wilson was acting President has errie parallels to Biden White House

Assisted Living: What You Need To Know Before You Make A Decision - Will There Be Skilled Nursing Asks Bestselling Author Frances Fuller

2024-07-11 | Best-selling author Frances Fuller offers an insider's view of assisted living and a unique outlook on aging, based on her own experience. Her insights are penetrating and deal with issues that many seniors and their families are concerned about.

Haltom City Continues to Lose Important Businesses

2024-07-09 | Larger businesses will continue to leave the city's older main corridors as vacancy rates increase.

Marquis Who's Who Honors Scott R. Siler for Expertise in Entrepreneurship and Higher Education

2024-07-09 | Scott R. Siler is recognized for his expertise in international affairs, political risk, and data science

Up to $100,000 Available for Haltom City Study

2024-07-05 | Local entrepreneur offers to fund independent study by the nonprofit group Strong Towns.

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights of Florida Receives 2024 Bulldog PR Award for Campaigns to Protect Mental Health Human Rights

2024-07-03 | CCHR has long fought to restore basic inalienable human rights to the field of mental health and CCHR Florida has now received 11 awards for campaigns to protect these rights.

Norman Brewer's Political Thriller, 'Blending In', Reveals The Realities Of Domestic Terrorism And Its Horrific Impact On Society

2024-07-03 | As a reporter, Brewer covered Congress, the White House, and federal agencies, and pursued investigative projects that earned recognition, including from the National Press Club.

Footage Foundation co-founder travels to Mexico City to deliver a strong message of compassion on behalf of refugees and migrants

2024-07-02 | Dr. Kristin Ali Eglinton from Footage Foundation, which conducts research around gender-based violence in conflict zones, calls on feminist foreign policy conference to ensure compassion is built into interventions addressing refugees and migration.


2024-06-27 | Astonishingly Accurate & Prophetic Virus Expert Sounds Alarm

NinaData Unveils Revolutionary Contextual Gen AI Political Advertising Platform

2024-06-26 | NinaData is reshaping the use of contextual advertising technology in the digital political advertising landscape to reach audiences based on voter issues and sentiments in a privacy-first way.

Historical Fiction Ebook, Aaron's War, A Gripping Tale Of One Jewish Soldier's Moral Dilemma And Struggles With PTSD During WWII, Available At No Charge June 24 Through June 26, 2024

2024-06-22 | McMaster deftly weaves WWII in Ukraine, coming of age, antisemitism, forbidden marriage, PTSD, and substance abuse into a masterpiece of a novel that delivers a breathtaking story of love, courage, and sacrifice.

Shincheonji Bible Seminar in France Lays the Foundation for a Christian Revival in Europe

2024-06-21 | Shincheonji's Chairman, Man-hee Lee, testified Revelation's Prophecies and Fulfillment to over 7,000 seminar attendees in France, including over 1,000 pastors.

Foundation Laid for Christian Revival in Europe: Successful Conclusion of the Bible Seminar in France

2024-06-20 | Revelation prophecies and their fulfillment were revealed with over 7,000 participants including 1,000 pastors

'Are You Better Off Than You Were Four Years Ago?' Dr. Barbara Taber Weighs in With Ideas, Insights, and Answers

2024-06-14 | The long-awaited, new episode of Dr. Barbara Taber's acclaimed podumentary has arrived, breaking down policy impacts and preparing audiences for the forthcoming 2024 election.

CCHR: Celebrating 35 Years of Fighting for Mental Health Human Rights

2024-06-12 | Winner of 9 awards for their work to protect mental health human rights, CCHR began the Florida movement to restore rights and dignity to the field of mental health in 1977 and today counts thousands of members across the state.

Award-winning Author Mark D. Walker Announces Bestseller Status For His New Travel E-Book, The Guatemala Reader

2024-06-12 | Walker is the author of several award-winning articles and books. His second book, My Saddest Pleasures: 50 Years on the Road, was recognized by the Peace Corps Writers for Best Travel Writing. The Guatemala Reader debuted as a #1 New Release

Theory Blames Recent Worldwide Spikes In Authoritarianism On Misdirected Reproductive Energy Amplified By COVID Shutdowns

2024-06-11 | The "Sex On the Wrong Brain" book and website of the same name suggest humans can reduce misogyny, racism, authoritarianism and many other destructive anti democratic human behaviors with a simple lesson in sex education.

Recognizing Those Making an Impact in the Affordable Housing and Community Development Industries

2024-06-11 | CAHEC Presents Four Awards During Partners Conference

A Chilling Vision Of An Armed Insurrection In The US: Norman Brewer's Spellbinding Political Thriller 'January 6: A Novel' Explores America's Darkest Nightmare

2024-06-11 | Midwest Book Review "unreservedly" recommends 'January 6: A Novel,' calling it "essential reading."

Manel Msalmi, Bridging Divides As A Peaceful Dialogue Advocate

2024-06-09 | Manel Msalmi's work as a debate moderator for the infamous Kashmir debate has been noteworthy, to say the least. Ms Manel Msalmi's greatest legacy lies in the lives she has touched on her journey as a promoter of peaceful dialogue.