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Corporate Whistleblower Center Urges a Nursing Home Manager-RN To Call to See if Their Employer Received a PPP Loan in 2020-2021-If they Did & They Never Staffed Up-The Rewards May Exceed $100,000+++

2024-07-16 | The Corporate Whistleblower Center considers Paycheck Protection Program-PPP loan fraud involving nursing homes, long term care facilities and some healthcare companies to be some of the worst instances of misuse of taxpayer money in US history.

Marquis Who's Who Honors Michael Baas for Expertise in Consulting Services and Finance

2024-07-12 | Michael Baas honored for his leadership and excellence in high-level financial positions

Marquis Who's Who Honors Roderick Irwin Curry for Expertise in Accounting

2024-07-12 | Roderick Irwin Curry is honored for his distinguished tenure at Health Alliance Plan of Michigan

Experienced Medical Record/Chart Scanning in Seattle

2024-07-12 | Seattle, WA – Keep Medical Charts and Paper Records Safe from Fire, Theft or Loss with Full Scanning and Digitization Solutions

Marquis Who's Who Honors Morris Breitstein, MBA, for Expertise in Financial Consulting Services

2024-07-09 | Morris Breitstein, MBA, honored for his leadership and dedication to excellence in the financial services industry

Melissa G. Helton Featured in the March 2024 Issue of Vogue Magazine

2024-07-09 | Melissa G. Helton shared her professional achievements and industry expertise in Vogue magazine

Marquis Who's Who Honors Sonia Lukow for Expertise in Accounting

2024-07-07 | Sonia Jean Lukow, CPA, serves as the president and owner of her own accounting firm

Kathryn Fletcher, CPA, CGMA Elected Chair of GSCPA Board of Directors for 2024-25 Year

2024-07-04 | The Georgia Society of Certified Public Accountants (GSCPA) announces new BOD Chair.

Jennifer Esquibel Blazer Inducted into the Prestigious Marquis Who's Who Biographical Registry

2024-07-03 | Jennifer Esquibel Blazer, an expert in the accounting industry, aims to educate others to become skilled bookkeepers

Corporate Whistleblower Center Urges a Nursing Home-Healthcare Manager to Call About Big Whistleblower Rewards-If Their Employer Received a COVID-PPP Loan & No Money Went to Payroll-Staff

2024-07-02 | The Corporate Whistleblower Center is urging a manager at a nursing home-skilled nursing facility or healthcare company that received a COVID PPP loan-to call them at 866-714-6466 if at least 60% of the loan was not used on payroll. Get rewarded.

Opus VO Enhances Business Credibility with Dedicated Business Address and Phone Services

2024-06-27 | Leading virtual office provider recognizes the critical importance of a dedicated business phone number and a professional business address

Marquis Who's Who Honors Tina Merritt Vandall, MBA, for Expertise in Accounting and Finance

2024-06-26 | Tina Merritt Vandall, MBA, is honored for her success as the owner of Small Business Insights LLC

Corporate Whistleblower Center Urges a Manager of a Nursing Home Anywhere in the USA That Received a COVID PPP Loan-To Call About Rewards-If the Owners Never Spent the Funds on Payroll

2024-06-25 | "If you are a healthcare manager-especially one who works for a nursing home, and you know your employer received a Paycheck Protection Program-PPP loan-call us at 866-714-6466 if you are certain your employer did not use the money on payroll."

Marquis Who's Who Honors Betty A. Ogaye for Expertise in Financial Accounting

2024-06-25 | Betty A. Ogaye is noted for her leadership at Wells Fargo and Company

Marquis Who's Who Honors Patricia B. Gioia-Bilski for Expertise in Taxation and Entrepreneurship

2024-06-21 | Patricia B. Gioia-Bilski is honored for her expertise in comprehensive tax solutions

UK Landlord Tax Unveils "Arnie" - The AI Chatbot Revolutionizing Property Tax Assistance

2024-06-20 | Accountancy firm UK Landlord Tax has recently made significant strides in the property management and accounting sector by launching "Arnie," a state-of-the-art AI chatbot designed to address landlords' property tax questions.

Barbara Carron Goldman, EA, MSPA, Celebrated for Career as Tax Accountant and Accomplished Musician

2024-06-18 | A tax accountant, accomplished violinist, and cancer survivor, Barbara Carron Goldman, EA, MSPA, has both served and entertained her suburban Detroit community for over 40 years

Marquis Who's Who Honors Aaron Rontal for Expertise in Business Management

2024-06-17 | Aaron Rontal serves as the executive director of enterprise business development at Motion Recruitment

Marquis Who's Who Honors Carl Jenkins for Expertise in Taxation, Accounting, and Finance

2024-06-13 | Carl Jenkins is noted for his expertise as a leading professional at Kroll

Loretta Gbemudu Evivie Inducted into the Prestigious Marquis Who's Who Biographical Registry

2024-06-13 | Dr. Loretta Evivie transitioned from accounting to teaching at the graduate level, leading DEI initiatives and practices