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Sleeve Cartoner by ÉLITER Packaging Machinery Goes to ENSURE in the United States

2023-01-22 | ÉLITER Packaging Machinery, manufacturer of packaging equipment, has completed a project with the nutrition drinks brand ENSURE in the United States to install a cartoner machine to wrap nutritional shakes bottles with cardboard sleeve in 6 packs.

GRE Manufacturing Showcases Logistical Advantages and CES 2023

2023-01-21 | Manufacturers took center stage with dazzling product launches and major company announcements

Three Hi-Seoul companies participated in CES2023... "Creating global business through remarkable artificial intelligence technology!"

2023-01-13 | A Hi-Seoul Company is a promising small and medium-sized business in Seoul that has been certified since 2004 by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Business Agency.

14 Korean Innovators to Participate in the K-Startup Joint Pavilion Won the "CES 2023" Innovation Award at the World's Largest Technology Fair

2023-01-06 | Among the winners, Korean businesses received a total of 141 innovation awards, accounting for 28.3% of the total.

K-Startup Global Media Awards: Who are the Winners under the Spotlight in CES 2023?

2023-01-06 | K-Startup Global Media Awards are selected by the media participating in the CES after screening Korean innovators.

No Waste No Hunger: A model for ending world hunger and reducing food waste?

2023-01-06 | The "No Waste No Hunger" project aims to support one of the UN's 17 SDGs - Zero Hunger. Ambassadors from different parts of the world already started to join the project and Youssef Esawy, Lauren Sesselmann, and Gulpari Bayramova are among them.

KWUMSY USB H1 Docking Station with Cooling Fan - Innovation for expanding 4 monitors at once!

2023-01-06 | Supporting the Apple MAC series M1 computer chip/WindowOS devices to extend 4 monitors. Let you use multiple monitors freely and fully, and work efficiently as you need.

Growing the self-sufficiency of the Seoul startup ecosystem… Cooperation with 409 startups, partnering with 100 large and mid-sized enterprises

2023-01-03 | Attracted investment of 95.8 billion KRW and achieved sales of 170 billion KRW through open innovation between large and mid-sized enterprises and startups

SYANTO developed by a Japanese acupuncturist; a smartphone accessory "does not require gripping" has started being sold

2022-12-31 | Reduction of hand and body pain caused by smartphones among 60% of its users. Compatible with large smartphones and tablets. This is the new era to hold the smartphone by not "gripping" but "put on" your hand.

GARIMI's Savory & Healthy Seaweed Variations for Your Dishes this 2023

2022-12-26 | An excellent taste and deep flavored high quality seaweed

[Korea Contact-Free ] FREEDOTS "Realizes Digital Equality by Providing Integrated Kiosks"

2022-12-24 | Jointly Developing and Demonstrating a Product for Visually Handicapped People and the Socially Disadvantaged with ACNS

[Korea Contact-Free] Damin Robot "Develops and supplies autonomous robots used in hospitals"

2022-12-24 | Established in October 2019… Experience in applying robots to museums and exhibition halls

YOU&ME Cosmetics: Face of Scientific Revolutionary Beauty in 2023

2022-12-24 | Prestigious K-Beauty Honey Cleanser, Soothing Gel And Mask Pack For A High-Class Skincare Routine By YOU&ME Cosmetics

Dressmaker Princessly Announced its 2023 Prom Dress Collection for United States

2022-12-24 | The exclusive and extensive 2023 line of prom dresses by Princessly is now available; from new arrivals to best sellers, the popular brand is ready for prom night.

[Korea Contact-Free] Global Biz Tech "A Breath of New Air in the AI Applied Built-In Home Training Market"

2022-12-24 | Cabinet Type Developed and Demonstrated... Over 15 Types of Strength Training Possible

[Korea Contact-free Leading Service Company] "Effi" Draws Attention with a SaaS Specialized for Image and Video Bug Reporting

2022-12-24 | Established in 2014… Secured over 200 references, including Red Hat and Money Today

[Pangyo Tech] NdotLight introduces 3D design software 'NdotCAD'… "3D design collaboration, possible even without a high-end PC!"

2022-12-23 | NdotLight is a startup that conducts SaaS business that provides 3D design software and a self-developed 3D modeling engine in the form of a software development kit (SDK).

[Pangyo Startup] Sang-hwan Yang, the Leader of Naver's D2SF Center, says "Standard for investment in startups is collaboration, global expansion, and new market pioneering over financial value!"

2022-12-23 | Naver's D2SF (D2 Startup Factory, hereafter referred to as D2SF) was established in 2015 and is 'strategic startup investment organization' that helps the growth of early technology startups through investments and promotes synergy with Naver.

[Korea Contact-Free] Infocar "Vehicle diagnosis and management through data... Available in 17 languages"

2022-12-23 | Introducing attention-grabbing 'Infocar' platform made of a scanner and an app... "Making it an essential vehicle accessory"

[Korea Contact-Free] JCF Technology "Expanding the market with bio-based domestic radar sensor"

2022-12-22 | Successful commercialization of 'McKare' last year... Carry forward with an entry into overseas markets