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Calvert Press Launches: Did You Choose Your Parents? A Secret Service Agent's Quest to Break the Presidential Curse - Authors: Jan Marie and Bob Ritter

2022-05-15 | Did You Choose Your Parents? is the true story of one man's quest to keep a PRE-BIRTH vow given to a universal collective consciousness. Promising to further world peace, Bob Ritter was granted advanced cognitive abilities.

A New Solo Show by Artist Michael Farmer Tackles the Digital Revolution

2022-05-12 | Opening June 3rd at Alwun House in Phoenix an expansive exhibition of new artworks by Arizona artist Michael Farmer explores spirituality and technology and will run through July 29th.

Shincheonji Church Blood Donation Drive Breaks Records to Solve the South Korean Blood Supply "Drought"

2022-05-12 | Shincheonji Church's "Life ON" blood drive has gathered tens of thousands of donors to aid in the South Korean national blood supply crisis, allowing the supply to go from 3 days to a life-saving nearly 6.

Shincheonji Church of Jesus on Matthew 24: "War and Peace in the End Times"

2022-04-14 | Shincheonji's Chairman, Man hee Lee, explained the true meaning of Matthew 24 in the Bible in light of the current state of unrest in the Ukraine.

Celebrate 4/20 Day with SATIVA by the Rock House All Stars featuring Guitar Sensation Donnie Bell and Produced by Grammy Winner Kevin McKendree

2022-04-10 | Creative spin on the classic song "Tequila" is available on all streaming platforms, Bandcamp, YouTube and more.

"We are One in God" Says Chairman Man-hee Lee of Shincheonji Church

2022-04-05 | Pastors from various countries around the world who established MOUs with Shincheonji Church were invited to a press conference on April 2nd. "We can learn the word because God dwells in Shincheonji Church," said one pastor.

Illuminati Challenges the Authenticity of the Book of Mormon

2022-04-01 | Secret group, calling themselves the Real Illuminati® and claiming to be the true authors of the Book of Mormon, contacted the LDS/Mormon Church and asked to meet privately with its leaders.

Shincheonji Church Hosting an Online Conference, Inviting Pastors to Join and Discuss the Development of MOUs

2022-03-30 | The online conference comes after receiving millions of views on their Mission Center seminars, leading thousands to study the word with Shincheonji Church.

The U.G.L.Y. is Always Beautiful Movement Launches their first Women Led NFT Collection

2022-03-29 | The Always Beautiful movement is about to release their first women-led NFT collection: U.G.L.Y. is Always Beautiful; the brainchild of burn survivor, Kelly Woodhouse (Falardeau).

Detox Your Stress by Slowing Down

2022-03-28 | NeuroTransformational Coach Rachel Tenenbaum Shares 4 Steps for People to Find More Calm and Control in Life

International NGO HWPL Hosts 6th Annual Celebration of Peace Law

2022-03-25 | The 6th annual celebration was held to commemorate the drafting of HWPL's international peace law which aims to bring global peace for generations to come.

As Womens' National History Month Ends: Are Women Ready For Child Births For The Spring Of 2022?

2022-03-24 | The very essence of the heart of the greatest grandmother as mother Earth penetrates by way of divine love.

Multiple Lineages with a Singular Vision: Award-winning Author Suzanne Courtney Weaves An Epic Narrative in Her New Book 'Child of Many'

2022-03-11 | Suzanne Gene Courtney, esteemed author, educator and grief coach, has released her seventh book, titled Child of Many. This new one is a deeper exploration of life, death and the space in between.

Question-and-Answer Revelation Seminar Held by Shincheonji Church of Jesus

2022-03-09 | Shincheonji Chairman Man-hee Lee shared the secret to the rapidly-growing Korean church in an online seminar broadcasted to dozens of countries.

Virtual Press Conference Held for European Journalists Amidst Shincheonji's Seminar Craze

2022-03-03 | Shincheonji Church based in Korea hosted a virtual Press Conference for European journalists curious about the success of recent online Bible seminars.

The Tonga Steam Explosion put the Church of the March 8 Miracle on the Web, Based on an Angel Type Image that Appeared on an OKC Memorial Photo from 2002, that Showed an Unbelievable Timing Pattern

2022-03-02 | 2010 was the conclusion of said Timing Pattern. In 2019 a message explained 2010. Then an earthquake dislodged the trumpet from the angel atop the Mormon Temple. Its timing pattern also spelled C H R I S T, skipping silent letter H, as Moroni ate it.

Angelscapes with Nancy Smith Is Helping People Discover How to Listen to Their Souls

2022-02-22 | Nancy Smith is trained in the Spiritualist tradition and helps people know and understand themselves.

New Book "Ghosts of the Bird Cage Theatre: On a Medium's Vacation," from Award-Winning Author

2022-02-15 | Experience the author's encounters with 11 ghosts at one of the wild west's most haunted places! Gamblers, gunfighters, ladies of the evening, actors and cowboys!

Shincheonji Chairman Man-hee Lee to Give a Special Lecture on the Book of Revelation After Online Seminars Reach 10 Million Views

2022-02-11 | After huge success with the online Revelation fulfillment seminars, Shincheonji Church's official YouTube channel will broadcast Chairman Lee's special lecture to share more about Revelation's fulfillment.

Book of Books: Eastern and Western Thought, Transcendentalism Subject of New Book that Examines Global Spiritual Traditions through Rare Books, Manuscripts and Historical Artifacts

2022-02-08 | James Mathew and Kent Bicknell's Book of Books: Pearls from the Meandering Stream of Time that Runs across Continents is a collection of literary delights, drawing on philosophies and writings from both East and West.