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CVIIC: Our Nation Will Benefit By Prioritizing Policies Favoring The Inclusion Of Immigrants

2021-01-23 | Central Valley Immigrants Reveal How Essential They Are to Our Nation

NASCA Releases 2021 Top Ten Priorities

2021-01-22 | Pandemic fundamentally changed how governments operate

"The Broker", a Real Estate Broker's Hard Hitting Autobiography, Reveals Underlying Racial Tensions in the Industry

2021-01-14 | "....his insistence on dishing the unvarnished truth makes this less a how-to book than a memoir of life on the front lines of American capitalist masculinity." Publishers Weekly

Paterson Music Project Presents MLK Celebration Virtual Concert

2021-01-13 | PMP students will lead the celebration as emcees, share poetry, and perform music. Performances include William Grant Still's arrangement of "Lift Every Voice" with guest performances from the wider Paterson and Wharton Arts community.

Exposed, Broken Trust, the Dramatic Book About Experiments on Twins Released and Unmask, Hidden Truth

2021-01-12 | "Vulnerability is a weakness; but it can be a strength to those who see you vulnerable to their benefit." By Fodeliah Castro Del Ruz

Tom R. Ragland III Celebrated for Dedication to the Fields of Architecture, Photography and Politics

2021-01-12 | Mr. Ragland served as mayor of the Town of Greenwich, Connecticut, between 1995 and 1999

Women In Government Responds to Violence in the Nation's Capital

2021-01-10 | Women In Government releases a statement on the events that occurred in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2020

Women In Government Announces 2021-2022 Board of Directors

2021-01-08 | Thirteen women state legislators will serve on Women In Government's Board of Directors

America Does Not Need A King Says Joseph Ganci, Award-Winning Author Of Bestselling Christian Fiction Novel, Gideon The Sound And The Glory

2021-01-07 | In his three-time bestselling historical fiction novel, Ganci combines Old Testament revelations with modern day revelations, action, and adventure to provide audiences with a unique, emotionally charged experience.

Christ Today with Father Ray Continues to Spread Wisdom and Faith in a Changing World, Readying Landmark Third Episode and Charitable Support

2020-12-27 | Celebrated podumentary, Christ Today with Father Ray returns with a special episode and charitable tie-in after Christmas. Father Ray hopes people will consider generosity while counting their own blessings.

Credibility Evaluation of President Trump and President-elect Biden

2020-12-23 | Trump's Credibility: A Being Devoid of Humanity?

Federal Reserve Awareness Day

2020-12-15 | For a Tax-Free Green New Deal

U.S. (Un)Welcomes Chinese Students in 2021

2020-12-05 | EssayEdge Analytical Research

Hindu Coalition Expresses Outrage Over a Wall Street Journal Op-Ed's Callous Usage of the Hindu Term "Brahmin" When Discussing Economic Policies

2020-12-05 | Concerns raised that the usage promotes Hinduphobia and unconscious bias against Hindus

Council of Hmong Public Relations (CHPR) Successfully Formed as the 2020 Presidential Election Commenced

2020-11-19 | The Creation of The Hmong Center in Washington D.C. Marks a Long Overdue Victory for the Hmong People with the Mission to Better Our People

Why Did President Trump Do So Well—73,000,000+ Votes-- In Light of All Who Have Criticized Him? The Author of this Book Provides Some Answers

2020-11-17 | Growing up Working Class: Hidden Injuries and the Development of Angry White Men and Women by Thomas J. Gorman, Ph.D. (Palgrave-Macmillan, 2017).

Hungry? Share Your Name With the Health Department, and Then You Can Order

2020-11-14 | Auscura helps restaurants comply with Michigan's 'Gatherings and Face Masks Epidemic Order' so they avoid fines and keep their doors open.