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Lombardi: America Needs a President Who Serves America and Not Beijing

2023-02-07 | Now That We Have Shot Down the Chinese Spy Balloon Let's Shoot Down TikTok

Lesley Israel Gives a Behind the Scenes Look at Political Campaigns With the Season Finale of Her "Work That Matters" Podcast, Confirms Second Season Is Coming Soon

2023-02-06 | The amazing Lesley Israel takes audiences on a fascinating exploration of political campaigns with the season one finale of her Work That Matters podcast, streaming now at

Abogada Julia: Helping Immigrants Who Have Been Mistreated In the Workplace

2023-02-03 | Giulia Fantacci (aka Abogada Julia), the CEO behind GF Immigration Law, continues to work for those who suffered serious issues that could qualify them for a T-Visa.

Pro-Israel Advocacy Organization Thanks Entrepreneur and Activist Mikhail Peleg for Lifelong Advocacy

2023-02-01 | Entrepreneur and philanthropist Mikhail Peleg recently received a letter from a respected pro-Israel organization thanking him for his years of active involvement in Jewish affairs and contributions to European Jewry.

The Vasterbottonsost Affair by Robert Mucci

2023-01-27 | Secret military mission goes awry, and U.S. soldiers get captured

Vanessa L. Griddine Celebrated for Dedication to the Field of Politics

2023-01-27 | Ms. Griddine lends years of experience to her work with the Congressional Black Caucus Institute and Evolved Agenda Consulting

Diane Martin Bryant Celebrated for Dedication to the Field of Politics

2023-01-27 | Ms. Diane Bryant channels years of experience in education into her work as a member of the city council

Small Business Advocate Ron Sturgeon Suggests 5 Experiments City Could Do Now to Spur Businesses to Return to South and Central Haltom City

2023-01-25 | Creator of and author of a book on urban renewal urges city to act on concept plan to fix the city's aging corridors

Haltom City Business Alliance Seeking Candidates for City Council & Mayor

2023-01-20 | HUBA encourages those with new ideas to help revitalize South & Central Haltom City to run in May 6, 2023 election

Golam Rabbani Nayan Bangalee Recognized by Marquis Who's Who

2023-01-18 | Mr. Golam Rabbani Nayan Bangalee serves as an expert in election law and researcher on social work politics

"We Need New Leaders" says 3rd Billboard

2023-01-17 | Local Business Owner and Small Business Advocate Ron Sturgeon Seeks Candidates to Run for Haltom City Council and Mayor in Upcoming Election

Kenneth W. Manuel Celebrated for Dedication to the Fields of Law Enforcement and Politics

2023-01-13 | Mr. Manuel retired from professional life in 2019 after serving as mayor in Woodland, North Carolina

The United States of America signs bilateral agreement with United States of KAILASA

2023-01-12 | The United States of America recognizes the United States of KAILASA and signs bilateral agreement

Dr. Sherry O'Donnell Tapped As Michigan State Chair for U.S. Term Limits

2023-01-10 | Sees The Need For Congressional Term Limits

Wave of New City Flags Sweeps the Country; Flag Group's Survey Identifies Best and Worst Designs

2023-01-06 | Over 300 Flags for American Cities and Towns Adopted Since 2015 rated by Public and Experts

Political Activist And ESADoggy CEO Chaz Stevens Launches GoFundMe to Help Defray Twitter's Outstanding Financial Troubles

2023-01-04 | Donations will not only help fund Stevens' artful way of holding truth to power through comedy, but they'll also give Twitter something other than advertisements!

Business Alliance Seeks Haltom City Council Candidates to Return Prosperity to South & Central Haltom City

2023-01-03 | HUBA seeks candidates who know the older parts of the city are different and need to be treated differently & who understand the role small businesses will play in revitalization

Haltom United Business Alliance (HUBA) Hopes to Find Business-Friendly Candidates to Run in Upcoming City Elections

2023-01-03 | Business Alliance hopes to repair disconnect between elected officials and business community & gain influence to increase business development & revitalize South and Central Haltom City

Meet the 21-year-old founder of a cutting-edge political strategy and crisis management firm hailing from Ottawa, Ontario. Learn about his inspiring journey

2023-01-02 | Although Brandon Russell is only 21 years old, political insiders say he is very mature for his age. He began running political campaigns at the young age of 13 and is considered a rising star in the fields of political strategy and crisis management

"A Look Back" with Father Raymond Brenner: A Celebrated Web Series Shares Its Year-End Holiday Special During the Final Hours of 2022

2023-01-01 | Father Raymond Brenner's acclaimed podumentary series, Christ Today with Father Ray, launches its 2022 holiday special, revisiting highlights from past episodes in an end-of-year celebration.