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Marc Kantor, Founder of South Florida Intervention, Releases Book 'How to Do an Intervention: A Step-By-Step Guide for Parents'

2020-10-21 | As COVID-19 lockdowns continue, and schools and businesses reopen, addiction rates have already risen in isolation. Marc is dedicated to sharing his book with those in need, so communities have a chance to intervene before it is too late.

Dr. Marlyn A. Morris Commended for Feats in Education

2020-10-19 | Dr. Morris is recognized for her accomplishments as the founder and academic program manager of the Ontario College for Development Training and as a Strategic Development Policy and Planning Expert

Tommy Roberts Celebrated for Dedication to the Field of Life Coaching

2020-10-19 | Mr. Roberts is a personal growth and business development coach, and the owner of High Point Life Coaching

Patricia L. Guyton Celebrated for Dedication to the Fields of Health and Wellness

2020-10-16 | Ms. Guyton channels years of professional expertise into her work with Willing Wellness and Guyton's Couples Coaching Institute

Get Ready to Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable: Business as Unusual is Just Getting Started

2020-10-14 | In his latest book "Business as Unusual" now available on Amazon, Futurist Jack Uldrich anticipates accelerating change as the new normal. In it, Uldrich offers sage advice on how to embrace exponential change.

Modern Grief Expands Their Services to Include Unlimited Messaging and Support with a Certified Grief Coach with the Tap of a Finger

2020-10-14 | Users get unlimited messaging with a personally matched, insured, and certified Grief Coach using a HIPAA-compliant mobile app (iOS & Android), with personalized in-app activities and assignments, in app-mood tracking, and wellness reminders.

Phillip M. Randall, PhD, CPG, Celebrated for Dedication to the Field of Individual and Organizational Development

2020-10-14 | Dr. Randall channels years of expertise in various fields to his current work with the Thorndyke Group

Teen Artist, Maxx Nies, Writes Music to Overcome Depression and Suicidal Thoughts Caused by Sexual Abuse and is Now Using Her Voice to Help Other Young Girls Through Her New Release "No Good At Love"

2020-10-14 | During Covid, the Sexual Assault Hotline saw a record high in calls from children. Mental health issues are at an all-time high among our youth. Recording artist, Maxx Nies, is using her music to help these kids to know they are not alone.

New Book Release: Emotional Fitness: A-Z for Positive Mental Health

2020-10-14 | "If you live your life on an emotional rollercoaster, you may end up not living your life." Clare Davis

Sarah Salisott Celebrated for Dedication to the Field of Parent Coaching

2020-10-13 | Mrs. Salisott proudly helps biological, foster and adoptive parents and children in her work with The Foster Lane

Multicultural Healthcare Marketing Group President and CEO Sheila Thorne Set to Moderate Amgen's Seventh Annual Health Equity Summit

2020-10-09 | Thorne will facilitate discussions on Clinical Trial Diversity, Addressing Health Equity in Times of Crisis, Medical Apartheid - Then and Now, and more.

Lani Click Celebrated for Dedication to the Fields of Fashion Design and Thought Leadership

2020-10-08 | Ms. Click promotes the exchange of ideas through her work as the President of Clicking In

California Company PATH2™ Changes the Face of Career Planning

2020-10-07 | PATH2 helps college-bound students and career-changing adults land in jobs they enjoy and are great at

Futurist Predicts Agility and Optimism as Game-Changing Trends

2020-10-01 | Leading global futurist and author Jack Uldrich is in the pursuit of a deeper, broader, and wiser understanding of the collective future.

Supreme Court/Abortion/Election: Can We Talk?

2020-10-01 | Rabbi Simon Jacobson — scholar, author, and Founding Dean of The Meaningful Life Center — discusses how to have civil dialogue in 2020

Hometown Girl Amy Jordan Film Documentary To Be Feature At The Lake Worth Playhouse

2020-10-01 | 'Amy's Victory Dance', an Internationally acclaimed multi-award-winning documentary feature film will screen as part of The Lake Worth Playhouse L-DUB Film Festival in Lake Worth, Florida.

High School Senior Successfully Launches Platform to Inspire Young Female Entrepreneurs During COVID

2020-10-01 | SWEET – Successful Women Entrepreneurs Everywhere – a New Resource Offering Inspiration and Valuable Insight on How to Launch a Business

Grinfer Launches All-Content Subscriptions to Favorite Instructors

2020-09-30 | Grinfer, a Dutch e-learning platform offering online courses and 1-1 consultations with professionals worldwide, comes up with the new content-access model to give both students and instructors more flexibility in the learning process.