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Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness Prepares Adolescents, Young Adults and their Families for Long-Term Success

2022-09-26 | Blue Ridge families cultivate lasting, meaningful change together.

New Christian Book, Megaquake, By Dr Richard Ruhling, Predicts San Andreas Earthquake in 2023

2022-09-23 | Richard Ruhling, MD, MPH, taught Health Science at Loma Linda University and claims the world's best-selling book is not myths, as some want to believe.

Author Marlayne Giron's New Bestselling Christian Epic Fantasy Fiction Book, The Victor, Was Directly Influenced By Epic Tales Such As Rings Of Power And J.R.R. Tolkein's Lord Of The Rings

2022-09-23 | Giron is considered to be a great new voice in Christian Fiction and writes fiction with a mission. The book will be of special interest to homeschoolers. A no-charge student workbook is available.

Entelechea Center to Host Book Signing with Local Holistic Authors

2022-09-20 | Event will bring together Dallas-Fort Worth's premier mind-body-spirit experts

Ralph Waller's book "What's on your mind? "Meet you where you are": A word from Minister" Becomes a Best Seller!

2022-09-20 | "What's on your mind? "Meet you where you are": A word from Minister" became an international best seller on launch day!

Heartbeat of Toledo Announces Annual Banquet Details

2022-09-19 | At Heartbeat of Toledo, every life matters. And for mothers and newborns who are among the most vulnerable, the organization recently announced a banquet to help cover costs associated with installing and monitoring a local Safe Haven Baby Box.

All Dogs Go To Heaven - Bestselling Author Jody Sharpe Announces New Video, Upcoming AZ Authors Series Event

2022-09-16 | Sharpe is the author of a number of award-winning books and videos that can help readers and viewers find hope, inspiration and gratitude.

Assisted Living: What You Need To Know Before You Make A Decision - Will I Get The Healthcare I Need, Part Two, By Frances Fuller, Bestselling Author Of Helping Yourself Grow Old

2022-09-15 | Best-selling author Frances Fuller offers a unique outlook on aging based on her own experience. Her insights are penetrating and deal with issues that many seniors and their families are concerned about.

Wellbridge Addiction Treatment and Research Taps Dr. Edmond Hakimi as Medical Director

2022-09-13 | Brings Invaluable Expertise to the Wellbridge team

She Steps Forward's Elaine Lankford Debuts New Episode of 'Transforming Steps For Her' Following a Transformative African Adventure

2022-09-10 | Missionary and visionary, Elaine Lankford is debuting the second episode of her acclaimed podumentary this week, documenting one African odyssey while preparing for the next one in 2023.

A Constitutional Convention Is A Bad Idea Says Dr. Richard Ruhling, Biblical Prophecy Expert

2022-09-09 | Dr. Richard Ruhling Biblical prophecy expert and taught Health Science at Loma Linda University.

Refugee to Success: Launching a New Wisdom School to Transform Our Busy Lives

2022-09-09 | A former refugee, today Dr. Elvir Causevic shares how neuroscience and ancient teachings overlap to increase enjoyment of life in these unusual times

How to Create Organizational Sustainability Using Learning Agility

2022-09-08 | Global Business Educator and Author Catherine Mattiske Shares How to Develop and Fuel Learning Agility

Maple Lake Academy Specializing in Autism Spectrum Disorder Therapy

2022-09-08 | Maple Lake Academy is a Utah-based specialized treatment program that is being designed for students (specifically girls) who struggle with the developmental effects of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Alcohol And Drug Addiction - Self Centered Pride And Arrogance Defined By Harriet Hunter, Bestselling Author Of Miracles Of Recovery

2022-09-08 | Harriet Hunter's award-winning, bestselling book became the first-place recipient of the coveted President's Award in nonfiction from the Florida Authors and Publishers Association. Miracles features 365 powerful daily inspirations

The Big Bang Theory Begs Questions That Need To Be Asked, Says Scientist, Dr. Richard Ruhling

2022-09-07 | Richard Ruhling, MD, MPH, taught Health Science at Loma Linda University and claims the world's best-selling book is not myths as some want to believe.

Men Helping Men to Better Navigate the Widower's Journey

2022-09-07 | Growth through Grief is the first of its kind comprehensive on-line resource and community site, dedicated exclusively to helping widowers through their healing process: to turn heartbreaking loss and sadness into renewed growth and purpose.

Shincheonji Church of Jesus: The Fruit of the Tree of Life and of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

2022-09-02 | Shincheonji Chairman Man-Hee Lee reveals the true meaning of the tree of life and the tree of good and evil in the Bible through an online seminar. Pastors have shown interest in a topic that has not been solved in the 6000-year history of the Bible.

Sunshine Coast Health Centre Announces 2022 Alumni Support Road Trip Focused on Addiction Recovery and Sustained Recovery from Alcohol, Drugs, and PTSD

2022-08-30 | Sunshine Coast Health Centre is a best-in-class alcohol, drug, PTSD, and trauma treatment centre based in British Columbia, Canada.